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  1. Understanding the effects of task and topical knowledge in the evaluation of websites as information patch
  2. A technique which tells you the unique and important papers to cite
  3. Misinformation in a riot: a two-step flow view
  4. Are we all here for the same purpose? Social media and individualized collective action
  5. Easy Literature Review
  6. For the record: document and record sensibilities of art conservators in the Philippines
  7. Archiving the wild, the wild archivist: Bukit Brown Cemetery and Singapore’s emerging ‘docu-tivists’
  8. Participatory archives in a world of ubiquitous media
  9. New media and new politics with old cemeteries and disused railways: advocacy goes digital in Singapore
  10. Towards the Definition of Cultural Robotics
  11. Subtle, Natural and Socially Acceptable Interaction Techniques for Ringterfaces — Finger-Ring Shaped User Interfaces
  12. Ubiquitous shortcuts
  13. UbiRing my bell
  14. Web Searching for Health Information: An Observational Study to Explore Users’ Emotions
  15. Cultural Robotics: The Culture of Robotics and Robotics in Culture
  16. Mobile augmented reality for Bukit Brown cemetery navigation
  17. Towards evaluating social telepresence in mobile context
  18. Towards an Integrated Design of Digital Library and Virtual Museum in the Heritage Preservation of the Chinese “Qipao”
  19. The Paradox of the Health Commons
  20. Community-Based Partnerships in the Design of Information Systems: The Case of the Knowledge Commons
  21. Collaborative Scenario Building: The Case of an ‘Advertainment’ Portal
  22. Applying scenario-based design and claims analysis to the design of a digital library of geography examination resources
  23. Assessing Users, Uses, and Usage of a Collaborated Digital Library
  24. Intergenerational Partnerships in the Design of a Digital Library of Geography Examination Resources
  25. The Beijing Olympics (2008) Advertainment Portal
  26. Collaborative Production, the Knowledge Commons and the Application of Open Content Licenses
  27. Collaborative Production, the Knowledge Commons and the Application of Open Content Licenses
  28. Digital Libraries as Centres of Knowledge
  29. Cultivating Communities Through the Knowledge Commons
  30. Digital Libraries as Learning Environments for Youths
  31. The Role of Participatory Design in Constructing the Virtual Knowledge Commons
  32. Seeking Utopia