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  1. Parental PTSD is Related to Offspring of Holocaust Survivors' Reactions during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  2. From a world of threat to a world at which to wonder: Self-transcendent emotions through the creative experience of Holocaust survivor artists.
  3. Understanding the long-term connections between posttraumatic stress, subjective age, and successful aging among midlife and older adults
  4. Subjective nearness-to-death and negative attitudes toward persons with disability: Attachment patterns moderate
  5. Reciprocal relationships between the will-to-live and successful aging
  6. Social Connectedness Moderates the Relationship Between Warfare Exposure, PTSD Symptoms, and Health Among Older Adults
  7. Perception Counts: The Relationships of Inner Perceptions of Trauma and PTSD Symptoms Across Time
  8. Filial anxiety and sense of obligation among offspring of Holocaust survivors