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  1. Social Connectedness Moderates the Relationship Between Warfare Exposure, PTSD Symptoms, and Health Among Older Adults
  2. Contact frequency and cognitive health among older adults in Israel
  3. Social network changes among older Europeans: the role of gender
  4. “I did not know there was another life”: Meanings of life in the out-of-home Mothers Unit reunification programme
  5. The Reciprocal Relationship Between Social Connectedness and Mental Health Among Older European Adults: A SHARE-Based Analysis
  6. Are newly added and lost confidants in later life related to subsequent mental health?
  7. Child involvement in treatment planning and assessment in Israel
  8. Cognitively Stimulating Leisure Activity and Subsequent Cognitive Function: A SHARE-based Analysis
  9. Religiosity and well-being among older Jewish Israelis: Findings from SHARE
  10. Social networks and mental health among older Europeans: are there age effects?