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  1. Contact resistance at graphene/MoS2 lateral heterostructures
  2. Impact of VUV photons on SiO2 and organosilicate low-k dielectrics: General behavior, practical applications, and atomic models
  3. Internal Versus External Photoemission
  4. Internal Photoemission Spectroscopy Methods
  5. Photoemission into Insulators
  6. Preliminary Remarks and Historical Overview
  7. Silicon–Insulator Interface Barriers
  8. Injection Spectroscopy of Thin Layers of Solids
  9. Analysis of the Charge Trapping Kinetics
  10. Barriers at Interfaces of High-Mobility and Compound Semiconductors
  11. Electron Energy Barriers Between Conducting Materials and Insulating Oxides
  12. Electron Band Alignment at Interfaces of Semiconductors with Insulating Oxides: An Internal Photoemission Study
  13. (Invited) Electron Band Alignment at Ge/Oxide and AIII-BV/Oxide Interfaces from Internal Photoemission Experiments
  14. Comment on “A model for internal photoemission at high-k oxide/silicon energy barriers” [J. Appl. Phys. 112, 064115 (2012)]
  15. Internal Photoemission at Interaces of ALD TaiOxInsulating Layers Deposited on Si, InP and In0.53Ga0.47As
  16. Influence of Al2O3 crystallization on band offsets at interfaces with Si and TiNx
  17. Band offsets at the (100)GaSb/Al2O3 interface from internal electron photoemission study
  18. Applying Complementary Trap Characterization Technique to Crystalline $\gamma$-Phase-$\hbox{Al}_{2} \hbox{O}_{3}$ for Im...
  19. Internal photoemission of electrons from Ta-based conductors into SiO2 and HfO2 insulators
  20. ESR of interfaces and nanolayers in semiconductor heterostructures
  21. Internal Versus External Photoemission
  22. Internal Photoemission Spectroscopy Methods
  23. Conclusions
  24. Preliminary Remarks and Historical Overview
  25. Injection Spectroscopy of Thin Layers of Solids
  26. Trapped Charge Monitoring and Characterization
  27. Transport Effects in Charge Trapping
  28. Semiconductor-Insulator Interface Barriers
  29. Model Description and Experimental Realization of IPE
  30. Charge Trapping Kinetics in Injection-Limited Current Regime
  31. Electron Energy Barriers between Conducting and Insulating Materials
  32. Spectroscopy of Charge Traps in Thin Insulating SiO2 Layers
  33. Internal photoemission at interfaces of high-κ insulators with semiconductors and metals
  34. Internal photoemission of electrons at interfaces of metals with low-κ insulators
  35. Admittance spectroscopy of traps at the interfaces of (100)Si with Al2O3, ZrO2, and HfO2
  36. Polytype determination at the SiC–SiO2 interface by internal electron photoemission scattering spectroscopy
  37. Determination of interface energy band diagram between (100)Si and mixed Al–Hf oxides using internal electron photoemission
  38. Internal photoemission of electrons and holes from (100)Si into HfO2
  39. Energy barriers between (100)Si and Al2O3 and ZrO2-based dielectric stacks: internal electron photoemission measurements
  40. SiC/SiO2 Interface States
  41. Internal photoemission spectroscopy of semiconductor-insulator interfaces
  42. Photocharging Technique for Barrier Determination on Semiconductor-Insulator Interfaces
  43. Electron Trap Activation in Thermal SiO2
  44. Electrical properties of buried oxide layers of low dose SIMOX structures