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  1. Biological markers for the effects of yoga as a complementary and alternative medicine
  2. Draft Genome Sequence of Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacterium Pantoea sp. Strain AS-PWVM4
  3. Draft Genome Sequence of Plant-Growth-Promoting Rhizobacterium Serratia fonticola Strain AU-AP2C, Isolated from the Pea Rhizosphere
  4. Draft Genome Sequence of a Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacterium, Serratia fonticola Strain AU-P3(3)
  5. eIF1 Controls Multiple Steps in Start Codon Recognition during Eukaryotic Translation Initiation
  6. Kinetic Analysis of Late Steps of Eukaryotic Translation Initiation
  7. N- and C-terminal residues of eIF1A have opposing effects on the fidelity of start codon selection