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  1. Hydrological appraisal using multi‑source rainfall over the Qinhuai River basin in China
  2. Estimation of a trend of meteorological and hydrological drought over Qinhuai River Basin
  3. Design and Implementation of an Atmospheric Anion Monitoring System Based on Beidou Positioning
  4. Response of fruit essences with Methyl eugenol to attract Bactrocera spp. at Chiku orchard
  5. Hydrological simulation using multi-sources precipitation estimates in the Huaihe River Basin
  6. Multi sources hydrological assessment over Vu Gia Thu Bon basin, Vietnam
  7. Long‐term hydrological assessment of remote sensing precipitation from multiple sources over the lower Yangtze River basin, China
  8. An Investigation of NGOs’ Role in Diminishing Poverty in Sindh
  9. Confirming the SERS enhancement at large mapping area using self-assembly of silver nanocube
  10. Evaluating the effectiveness of eggshells to remove heavy metals from wastewater
  11. One-step hydrothermal synthesis of ZnO microtubes with anefficient photocatalytic activity
  12. evaluation of multi-sources for hydrological suitability inflood-prone areas of Pakistan
  13. Hydrology of Gilgit Basin
  14. Hydrological evaluation of hourly merged satellite–station precipitation
  15. Comparative Efficacy of Botanical Pesticides against Sucking Insect Pests of Mustard Crop
  16. Extreme rainfall events over Burundi (1960-2010)
  17. rainfall estimates from radar, satellite, gauge and combination for hydrological modeling
  18. Secure and energy efficient mobile payment protocol