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  1. The influence of social interaction on the dynamics of employees’ psychological contracting in digitally transforming organizations
  2. HRM Philosophies and Policies in Semi-autonomous Agencies: Identification of Important Contextual Factors
  3. Rolling Into the Profession: Exploring the Motivation and Experience of Becoming a Project Manager
  4. Job satisfaction, job stress and nurses’ turnover intentions: The moderating roles of on-the-job and off-the-job embeddedness
  5. Reciprocity matters: Idiosyncratic deals to shape the psychological contract and foster employee engagement in times of austerity
  6. Knowledge transfer in age-diverse coworker dyads in China and Germany: How and when do age-inclusive human resource practices have an effect?
  7. Effort-reward imbalance and work-home interference: a two-wave study among European male nurses
  8. A trickle-down model of task and development i-deals
  9. “Handle with care”: The mediating role of schedule i-deals in the relationship between supervisors' own caregiving responsibilities and employee outcomes
  10. The Police Officer Tacit Knowledge Inventory (POTKI): Towards Determining Underlying Structure and Applicability as a Recruit Screening Tool
  11. Interpersonal work context as a possible buffer against age-related stereotyping
  12. Tailoring professional development for teachers in primary education
  13. Towards a moderated mediation model of innovative work behaviour enhancement
  14. Media portrayals of older employees: a success story?
  15. Exploring the contribution of formal and informal learning to academic staff member employability
  16. Facilitating age diversity in organizations – part I: challenging popular misbeliefs
  17. Facilitating age diversity in organizations – part II: managing perceptions and interactions