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  1. Corrosion characteristics of an additive-manufacturing cobalt–chrome–wolfram biomedical alloy under heat-treated and molybdenum-doped conditions
  2. Microstructural analysis of sintered pure-titanium and titanium/hydroxyapatite (HA) surgical implant materials under different temperatures and HA doped conditions produced by powder metallurgy
  3. Surface Roughness Modelling and Prediction Using Artificial Intelligence Based Models
  4. Investigation of Abrasive Wear Performances of Different Polyamides by Response Surface Methodology
  5. Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Ribbed Reinforcement Steel Bars: A Case Study on Ethiopian Construction Industry
  6. Development of Epoxy Composites Containing Basalt and Carbon Fabrics and their Mechanical Behaviours
  7. Wear Property of Epoxy Reinforced with Carbon Using a Response Surface Methodology
  8. Dry Wear Behavior of Basalt/Carbon-Reinforced Epoxy Composite by Taguchi Method
  9. Dry Wear and Metallographic Study of PTFE Polymer Composites
  10. Friction and wear behaviour of carbon reinforced epoxy composites
  11. Study on surface finish of AISI 2080 steel based on the Taguchi method
  12. Wear behaviour of carbon fibre-reinforced epoxy composites
  13. Wear analysis of polyamide based on a statistical approach
  14. Tribological behavior of Al2O3and B4C particle-reinforced copper matrix investigated by the Taguchi method
  15. Application of Taguchi Technique to Surface-Grinding of Mold Steel
  16. Dry Sliding Wear Behaviour of Polyamides by Taguchi Method
  17. Wear Characteristics of Polymer -Based Composites
  18. Recent Progress in Processing of Tungsten Heavy Alloys
  19. The Effect of B4C Additions on Mechanical Properties of Fe-Cu-Co Matrix Composites for Diamond Tools
  20. Tribological Behaviour and Metallographic Study of Al 2014 Alloy Reinforced by SiC Particle
  21. Wear Behavior of Diamond+SiCp-Reinforced Metal Matrix Composite by Taguchi Method
  22. Wear Behavior of Al-Al2O3 Reinforced Composites
  23. Investigation of the wear behavior of B4C reinforced Fe/Co matrix composites produced by hot press
  24. Abrasive wear behaviour of SiC/2014 aluminium composite
  25. Comparison of abrasive wear behavior of ductile iron with different dual matrix structures
  26. Surface roughness model for machining mild steel with coated carbide tool
  27. Prediction of Surface Roughness in the Machining of Carbon Steels by Cutting Tools
  28. Wear behaviour of planar-random fibre-reinforced metal matrix composites