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  1. Optimization and alternative image processing approach for the comprehensive assessment of delamination and uncut fiber in drilling fiber metal laminate
  2. Investigation of photochemical machining characteristics of stainless steel AISI 304 via novel PCM equipment design
  3. Single and multi-objective optimization for cutting force and surface roughness in peripheral milling of Ti6Al4V using fixed and variable helix angle tools
  4. Evaluation and multi-criteria optimization of surface roughness, deviation from dimensional accuracy and roundness error in drilling CFRP/Ti6Al4 stacks
  5. Delamination factor and surface roughness in AWJ drilling of CFRP composites
  6. An experimental study on hole quality and different delamination approaches in the drilling of CARALL, a new FML composite
  7. Multi-objective optimization of process parameters for drilling fibermetal laminate using a hybrid GRA-PCA approach
  8. Abrasive water jet drilling of CFRP composites
  9. Surface Roughness and Dimensional Accuracy in the Pocket Milling of Laminated Composite
  10. Operating temperatures of a mechanical heat pump in waste heat recovery
  11. Wire electrical discharge machining (WEDM) of nickel based waspaloy
  12. A study on quality characteristics during the drilling of Al/10B4C composites
  13. Evaluation of the delamination factor for drilling of compact laminate composite
  14. Analysis of the cutting temperature and surface roughness during the machining of AISI 4140
  15. Wire Electrical Discharge Machining of a Hybrid Composite: Kerf Width and Surface Roughness
  16. Evaluation of drilling Al/B4C composites with carbide drills
  17. Evaluation of drilling Al/B4C composites with carbide drills
  18. Evaluation of surface roughness and material removal rate in the WEDM of Al/B4C composites
  19. Acceleration amplitude in the drilling of cold work tool steels
  20. Investigation of the WEDM of Al/B4C/Gr reinforced hybrid composites
  21. The evaluation of drilling of Waspaloy superalloy
  23. Evaluation of drilling Al/SiC composites with cryogenically treated HSS drills
  24. Evaluation of system performance in waste heat recovery application using mechanical heat pump
  25. The Development of Surface Roughness Model When Turning Hardened Steel with Ceramic Cutting Tool
  26. Surface roughness model in machining hardened steel with cubic boron nitride cutting tool
  27. Statistical process control in machining, a case study
  28. Surface roughness model for machining mild steel with coated carbide tool
  29. Prediction of Surface Roughness in the Machining of Carbon Steels by Cutting Tools
  30. Surface Roughness Prediction Model in Machining of Carbon Steel by PVD Coated Cutting Tools