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  1. What can AI really do for your business?
  2. Why sensory-based learning is a necessity and a challenge for analytical thinkers
  3. Stepping Into the Participants’ Shoes: The Trans-Positional Cognition Approach
  4. Practices of creative leadership: A qualitative meta‐analysis in haute cuisine
  5. Gamifying situated learning in organisations
  6. Looking Back on a Framework for Thinking About Group Support Systems
  7. Investigating the potential for using gamification to empower knowledge workers
  8. A dynamic model of knowledge management in innovative technology companies: a case from the energy sector
  9. Bracketing: How to Do It in Phenomenological Studies
  10. Artificial intelligence in the context of creativity
  11. Handbook of Research Methods on Creativity
  12. Introduction to the Handbook of Research Methods on Creativity
  13. Intuition: scientific, non-scientific or unscientific?
  14. Looking Back on a Framework for Thinking About Group Support Systems
  15. Understanding “expert” scientists: Implications for organizational research
  16. Intuition in Organizations: Making Sense of Intuition
  17. Gamifying the process of innovating
  18. Communities of practice in landscapes of practice
  19. Gamifying Innovation and Innovating Through Gamification
  20. Extraordinary: Reflections on Sample Representativeness
  21. Using Causal Mapping in the Analysis of Semi-structured Interviews
  22. Paradoxes of “creativity”: Examining the creative process through an antenarrative lens
  23. Changing the game: a case for gamifying knowledge management
  24. An Essay Concerning Human Decisions
  25. Thinking together: What makes Communities of Practice work?
  27. The Role of Intuition in the Creative Process of Expert Chefs
  28. Thinking Together: Making Communities of Practice Work
  29. Creativity and Innovation inHauteCuisine: Towards a Systemic Model
  30. Understanding 'Expert' Scientists: Implications for Management and Organization Research
  31. Trans-disciplinary Coaching
  32. The Experience of Personal Creativity: Unpacking Its Underlying Structure in the Creative Industries
  33. Reflecting on a phenomenological study of creativity and innovation in haute cuisine
  34. Understanding intuition: The case for two forms of intuition
  35. Performance Measurement: Challenges for Tomorrow*
  36. Learning capability: the effect of existing knowledge on learning
  37. Researching intuition in personal creativity
  38. Research on intuition using intuition
  39. Methods against Methods