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  1. Impinging interactions of two converging jets in crossflow
  2. Flow measurements of jet impingement upon a semicylinder with crossflow
  3. Oscillatory flow of surfactant concentration on the fluid surface of a non-Newtonian fluid
  4. Wake control and suppression of vortex shedding using nanofluids and external magnetic fields
  5. Confined impinging twin-jets discharged into a crossflow
  6. Upward/downward jet curtains inside and open cavity under crossflow
  7. Irreversibilities due to magnetic field and nanoparticle volume fraction in open cavities
  8. 3D motion of two impinging planar turbulent jets under crossflow
  9. Confined opposing impinging jets under crossflow effects
  10. Oscillatory flow and heat transfer in constricted channels
  11. Three-dimensional flow and heat transfer rates during oscillatory behavior in open cavities
  12. Unsteady flow and heat transfer in open cavity flow
  13. The effect of buoyancy on heat transfer to a confined cylinder in cross-flow
  14. Flow and heat transfer in open cavities with discrete heating
  15. Effect of geometry and orientation on heat transfer rates in electronic components
  16. Mathematical model of tidal water transport by a partial blockage of a coastal lagoon
  17. Mixed convection heat transfer in a vertical channel with a semicylinder
  18. Effect of light penetration depth in flows subjected to laser irradiation
  19. Experimental study of flow past two confined heated cylinders in tandem arrangement
  20. Numerical investigation of flow past two confined circular cylinders in tandem arrangement