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  1. Ecological momentary assessment of digital food and beverage marketing exposure and impact in young adults: A feasibility study
  2. The Design of a MOOC on Health Behaviors: A Practical Blueprint for the Instructional Design of MOOCs
  3. A randomised controlled trial of a digital intervention (Renewed) to support symptom management, wellbeing and quality of life in cancer survivors
  4. Teachers’ perceptions, facilitators, and barriers to the regular use of self-reflection in public health higher education during COVID-19 — a mixed methods approach
  5. Results from the Singapore 2022 report card on physical activity for children and adolescents
  6. Validation of Smartphones and Different Low-Cost Activity Trackers for Step Counting Under Free-Living Conditions
  7. Correlates, motivating factors, and barriers of engaging in regular self-reflection among public health students in higher education—A mixed methods approach
  8. The physical activity at work (PAW) study: A cluster randomised trial of a multicomponent short-break intervention to reduce sitting time and increase physical activity among office workers in Thailand
  9. Evaluation of a Population‐Wide Mobile Health Physical Activity Program in 696 907 Adults in Singapore
  10. Correlates of sedentary behavior in Asian preschool‐aged children: A systematic review
  11. Advancing understanding of dietary and movement behaviours in an Asian population through real-time monitoring: Protocol of the Continuous Observations of Behavioural Risk Factors in Asia study (COBRA)
  12. mHealth interventions targeting movement behaviors in Asia: A scoping review
  13. When e‐learning takes centre stage amid COVID‐19: Dental educators' perspectives and their future impacts
  14. Occupational sitting time, its determinants and intervention strategies in Malaysian office workers: a mixed-methods study
  15. E‐&mHealth interventions targeting nutrition, physical activity, sedentary behavior, and/or obesity among children: A scoping review of systematic reviews and meta‐analyses
  16. Planning and optimising a digital intervention to protect older adults’ cognitive health
  17. eHealth interventions targeting nutrition, physical activity, sedentary behavior, or obesity in adults: A scoping review of systematic reviews
  18. mHealth Interventions to Address Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior in Cancer Survivors: A Systematic Review
  19. Association between structural social support and quality of life among urban older Malaysians
  20. COVID-19 Emergency eLearning and Beyond: Experiences and Perspectives of University Educators
  21. Reducing sedentary behaviour and physical inactivity in the workplace: protocol for a review of systematic reviews
  22. The physical activity at work (PAW) study protocol: a cluster randomised trial of a multicomponent short-break intervention to reduce sitting time and increase physical activity among office workers in Thailand
  23. Factors related to sedentary behaviour in Asian adults: summary of the research literature
  24. Developing a digital intervention for cancer survivors: an evidence-, theory- and person-based approach
  25. Validity of heart-rate measures from wearable activity trackers in a laboratory and free-living setting (Preprint)
  26. How accurate are fitness trackers in measuring heart rate in the lab and real life
  27. Helping cancer survivors to live healthier using a website
  28. What psychological factors relate to physical activity in urban Asians
  29. Trends in technology-based physical activity and diet research over 17 years.
  30. How do cancer survivors think about lifestyle changes?
  31. How to motivate older adults to be more active
  32. What are the facilitators and barriers to using fitness apps and wearbles
  33. Measuring engagement in e- & mHealth behaviour change interventions: a methodological overview (Preprint)
  34. How to measure how engaged people are with digital health interventions: an overview
  35. Physical Activity, Sedentary Behavior, and Diet-Related eHealth and mHealth Research: Bibliometric Analysis
  36. Helping older adults to reduce their sitting time in-the-moment
  37. The effectiveness of e-& mHealth interventions to promote physical activity and healthy diets in developing countries: A systematic review
  38. A Bibliometric study of Physical Activity and Aging Research
  39. Past, Present, and Future of eHealth and mHealth Research to Improve Physical Activity and Dietary Behaviors
  40. Interdisciplinary, child‐centred collaboration could increase the success of potentially successful Internet‐based physical activity interventions
  41. Text Messaging for Exercise Promotion in Older Adults From an Upper-Middle-Income Country: Randomized Controlled Trial
  42. Aging in Multi-ethnic Malaysia
  43. Media interventions for promoting physical activity in older adults
  44. Physical activity in youth in Asia