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  1. Recent Advances in Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles for Targeted Drug Delivery Applications
  2. Development of Nanomaterials as Photo Catalysts for Environmental Applications
  3. Facile synthesis, X-Ray structure of new multi-substituted aryl imidazole ligand, biological screening and DNA binding of its Cr(III), Fe(III) and Cu(II) coordination compounds as potential antibiotic and anticancer drugs
  4. Easy and cheap way to get superparamagnetic nanoparticles
  5. Synthesis, catalysis, antimicrobial activity, and DNA interactions of new Cu(II)-Schiff base complexes
  6. Some new Ag(I), VO(II) and Pd(II) chelates incorporating tridentate imine ligand: Design, synthesis, structure elucidation, density functional theory calculations for DNA interaction, antimicrobial and anticancer activities and molecular docking studies
  7. Biological screening, DNA binding and molecular docking of novel Cu(II), Pd(II) and Ag(I) complexes
  8. Electric, Thermoelectric and Magnetic Properties of Nickel(II) Imine Nanocomplexes
  9. Synthesis, characterization and photocatalysis enhancement of Eu 2 O 3 -ZnO mixed oxide nanoparticles
  10. The electric and thermoelectric properties of Cu(II)-Schiff base nano-complexes
  11. Electric, thermoelectric and magnetic characterization of γ-Fe 2 O 3 and Co 3 O 4 nanoparticles synthesized by facile thermal decomposition of metal-Schiff base complexes
  12. Development and functionalization of magnetic nanoparticles as powerful and green catalysts for organic synthesis
  13. Sonochemical synthesis, structural inspection and semiconductor behavior of three new nano sized Cu(II), Co(II) and Ni(II) chelates based on tri-dentate NOO imine ligand as precursors for metal oxides
  14. Design and nonlinear optical properties (NLO) using DFT approach of new Cr(III), VO(II), and Ni(II) chelates incorporating tri-dentate imine ligand for DNA interaction, antimicrobial, anticancer activities and molecular docking studies
  15. DNA binding ability mode, spectroscopic studies, hydrophobicity, and in vitro antibacterial evaluation of some new Fe(II) complexes bearing ONO donors amino acid Schiff bases
  16. Reactivity trends of hydroxide ion attack on high spin Fe(II) complexes including bromosalicylidene amino acid ligands in some mixed aqueous solvents: Gibb’s Free Energy of Transfer and initial-transition state analysis
  17. Electrical, thermoelectrical and magnetic properties of approximately 20-nm Ni-Co-O nanoparticles and investigation of their conduction phenomena
  18. Development, structural investigation, DNA binding, antimicrobial screening and anticancer activities of two novel quari-dentate VO(II) and Mn (II) mononuclear complexes
  19. DNA interaction, antimicrobial, anticancer activities and molecular docking study of some new VO(II), Cr(III), Mn(II) and Ni(II) mononuclear chelates encompassing quaridentate imine ligand
  20. ZnFe2O4 Nanoparticles for Synthesis of Multi-Substituted Imidazols
  21. Synthesis, characterization, DFT calculations and biological studies of Mn(II), Fe(II), Co(II) and Cd(II) complexes based on a tetradentate ONNO donor Schiff base ligand
  22. α-Bi2O3nanorods: synthesis, characterization and UV-photocatalytic activity
  23. Mononuclear Chelates: Synthesis, DNA Interaction and Biological Studies
  24. Kinetics, reactivity, initial-transition state analysis and thermodynamic parameters of base-catalyzed hydrolysis of coumalic acid in solvents with different polarities
  25. Corrosion inhibition of carbon steel pipelines by some novel Schiff base compounds during acidizing treatment of oil wells studied by electrochemical and quantum chemical methods
  26. Hydrophobicity, reactivity trends of base catalyzed hydrolysis of some novel high spin Fe(II) Schiff base amino acid chelates in some binary aqueous solvent mixtures: Initial-transition state analysis
  27. Removal of Toxic Pb(II) Ions from Aqueous Solution by Nano Sized Flamboyant Pod (Delonix regia)
  28. Some new nano-sized Fe(II), Cd(II) and Zn(II) Schiff base complexes as precursor for metal oxides: Sonochemical synthesis, characterization, DNA interaction, in vitro antimicrobial and anticancer activities
  29. Synthesis, characterization, and biological activity of new mixed ligand transition metal complexes of glutamine, glutaric, and glutamic acid with nitrogen based ligands
  30. New Cd(II), Mn(II) and Ag(I) Schiff Base Complexes : Synthesis, Characterization, DNA Binding and Antimicrobial Activity
  31. Sonochemical synthesis, DNA binding, antimicrobial evaluation and in vitro anticancer activity of three new nano-sized Cu(II), Co(II) and Ni(II) chelates based on tri-dentate NOO imine ligands as precursors for metal oxides
  32. Ni(II) and Cu(II) complexes: Synthesis and Biological Studies
  33. A robust synthesis and characterization of superparamagnetic CoFe2O4nanoparticles as an efficient and reusable catalyst for green synthesis of some heterocyclic rings
  34. Some new nano-sized Cr(III), Fe(II), Co(II), and Ni(II) complexes incorporating 2-((E)-(pyridine-2-ylimino)methyl)napthalen-1-ol ligand: Structural characterization, electrochemical, antioxidant, antimicrobial, antiviral assessment and DNA interaction
  35. Magnetic NiFe2O4nanoparticles: efficient, heterogeneous and reusable catalyst for synthesis of acetylferrocene chalcones and their anti-tumour activity
  36. Some New Nano-sized Mononuclear Cu(II) Schiff Base Complexes: Design, Characterization, Molecular Modeling and Catalytic Potentials in Benzyl Alcohol Oxidation
  37. Effect of chromium substitution on the structural and magnetic properties of nanocrystalline zinc ferrite
  38. Synthesis, structure elucidation, biological screening, molecular modeling and DNA binding of some Cu(II) chelates incorporating imines derived from amino acids
  39. Investigation of adsorption and inhibition effects of some novel anil compounds towards mild steel in H2SO4 solution: Electrochemical and theoretical quantum studies
  40. ChemInform Abstract: CuFeO4Nanoparticles: An Efficient Heterogeneous Magnetically Separable Catalyst for Synthesis of Some Novel Propynyl-1H-Imidazoles Derivatives.
  41. Crystal structure of (E)-1-{[(3,5-dimethylphenyl)imino]methyl}naphthalen-2-ol
  42. Kinetic Screening for the Acid-Catalyzed Hydrolysis of Some Hydrophobic Fe(II) Schiff Base Amino Acid Chelates and Reactivity Trends in the Presence of Alkali Halide and Surfactant
  43. A review on versatile applications of transition metal complexes incorporating Schiff bases
  44. CuFe2O4 nanoparticles: an efficient heterogeneous magnetically separable catalyst for synthesis of some novel propynyl-1H-imidazoles derivatives
  45. Electrochemical and theoretical quantum approaches on the inhibition of C1018 carbon steel corrosion in acidic medium containing chloride using some newly synthesized phenolic Schiff bases compounds
  46. Kinetic study of the base-catalyzed hydrolysis of novel high-spin hydrophobic Fe(II)-azomethine amino acid chelates: Salt and structure effects on the reactivity
  47. Hydrophobicity and kinetic inspection of hydroxide ion attack on some chromen-2-one laser dyes in binary aqueous–methanol and aqueous–acetone mixtures: Initial state-transition state analysis
  48. Tailoring, physicochemical characterization, antibacterial and DNA binding mode studies of Cu(II) Schiff bases amino acid bioactive agents incorporating 5-bromo-2-hydroxybenzaldehyde
  49. Kinetic study of the hydroxide ion attack on and DNA interaction with high spin iron(II) Schiff base amino acid chelates baering ONO donors
  50. Reactivity Trends and Kinetic Inspection of Hydroxide Ion Attack and DNA Interaction on Some Pharmacologically Active Agents of Fe(II) Amino Acid Schiff Base Complexes at Different Temperatures
  51. Kinetic study and reactivity trends of hydroxide ion attack on some chromen-2-one laser dyes in binary water-methanol and water-acetone mixtures
  52. Metal based pharmacologically active agents: Synthesis, structural characterization, molecular modeling, CT-DNA binding studies and in vitro antimicrobial screening of iron(II) bromosalicylidene amino acid chelates
  53. Kinetic investigation of hydroxide ion attack at high spin Fe(II) bromosalicylidine chelates with amino acids in binary aqueous solvents: Initial and transition state analysis
  54. Novel sandwich triple-decker dinuclear NdIII-(bis-N,N′-p-bromo-salicylideneamine-1,2-diaminobenzene) complex
  55. Design, characterization, teratogenicity testing, antibacterial, antifungal and DNA interaction of few high spin Fe(II) Schiff base amino acid complexes
  56. Synthesis, physicochemical studies, embryos toxicity and DNA interaction of some new Iron(II) Schiff base amino acid complexes
  57. Reactivity trends in the base hydrolysis of 6-nitro-2H-chromen-2-one and 6-nitro-2H-chromen-2-one-3-carboxylic acid in binary mixtures of water with methanol and acetone at different temperatures
  58. Kinetics of Base Hydrolysis of Some Chromen-2-one Indicator Dyes in Different Solvents at Different Temperatures
  59. Initial State and Transition State Contributions to Reactivity Trends of Base-Catalyzed Hydrolysis of Some Nitro Chromen-2-One Derivatives