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  1. Electrospun Ag-decorated reduced GO-graft-chitosan composite nanofibers
  2. A novel fluorescence sensor based on a tripodal carboxylic acid for detection and measurement of Cu2+ in tomato: Experimental and computational studies
  3. Cur-loaded magnetic ZnFe2O4@L-cysteine – Ox, N-rich mesoporous -gC3N4 nanocarriers as a targeted sonodynamic chemotherapeutic agent for enhanced tumor eradication
  4. Design and synthesis of g-C3N4/(Cu/TiO2) nanocomposite for the visible light photocatalytic degradation of endosulfan in aqueous solutions
  5. Simultaneous electrochemical determination of morphine and methadone by using CMK-5 mesoporous carbon and multivariate calibration
  6. Pomegranate Punica granatum peel waste
  7. The Synthesis and Application of Ionic liquid Functionalized Mesoporous Silica SBA-15 in Organic Synthesis
  8. Solvent-free one-pot synthesis of 4-aryl-3,5-dimethyl-1,4,7,8-tetrahydrodipyrazolo[3,4-b:4′,3′-e]pyridines using Fe3O4@SiO2@(BuSO3H)3 catalytic Fe3+ system as selective colorimetric
  9. Hyperbranched polyethylenimine functionalized silica/polysulfone nanocomposite membranes for water purification
  10. A new fluorescence probe for simultaneous determination of Fe2+ and Fe3+ by orthogonal signal correction-principal component regression
  11. Highly antifouling polymer-nanoparticle-nanoparticle/polymer hybrid membranes
  12. Using the extract of pomegranate peel as a natural indicator for colorimetric detection and simultaneous determination of Fe 3+ and Fe 2+ by partial least squares–artificial neural n...
  13. 2-Chloroquinoline-3-carbaldehyde modified nanoporous SBA-15-propylamine (SBA-Pr-NCQ) as a selective and sensitive Ag+ ion sensor in aqueous media
  14. A new fluorescence probe for detection of Cu+2 in blood samples: Circuit logic gate
  15. Synthesis of SBA-Pr-NHC as a selective fluorescent sensor for the detection of Ag+ ion in aqueous media
  16. Design, Synthesis, and Nanoengineered Modification of Spherical Graphene Surface by LDH for Removal of As(III) from Aqueous Solutions
  17. Insight into the activity of TiO2@nitrogen-doped hollow carbon spheres supported on g-C3N4 for robust photocatalytic performance
  18. Ethylenediaminetetraacetate functionalized ordered Santa Barbara Amorphous‐15 mesoporous silica as an effective adsorbent for preconcentration of some heavy metals followed by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry
  19. Ethane-bridge periodic mesoporous organosilica materials as a novel fiber coating in headspace solid-phase microextraction of phthalate esters from saliva and PET container samples
  20. A new Fe3+ colorimetric sensor: Nitrophenyl bispyrazole derivative synthesis using Fe3O4@SiO2@Si-Pr-NH-(CH2)2-NH2 and its DFT study
  21. Recent advances in the application of magnetic bio-polymers as catalysts in multicomponent reactions
  22. Waste-to-wealth transition: application of natural waste materials as sustainable catalysts
  23. Black titania; novel researches in synthesis and applications
  24. New analytical methods using carbon-based nanomaterials for detection of Salmonella species as a major food poisoning organism in water and soil resources
  25. Multicomponent Synthesis and Investigations Fluorescence Activity of Chromenone–Pyrazole Compounds
  26. A new Hg2+ colorimetric chemosensor: the synthesis of chromeno[d]pyrimidine-2,5-dione/thione derivatives using Fe3O4@SiO2@(BuSO3H)3
  27. An On–off Supramolecular Fluorescence Switch for Detection of Pb2+ Ions and Vitamin C
  28. Facile and green preparation of colorimetric and fluorescent sensors for mercury, silver, and carbonate ions visual detecting: Spectroscopy and theoretical studies
  29. Review of some transition metal-based mesoporous catalysts for the direct hydroxylation of benzene to phenol (DHBP)
  30. Cur-loaded magnetic ZnFe2O4@mZnO-Ox-p-g-C3N4 composites as dual pH- and ultrasound responsive nano-carriers for controlled and targeted cancer chemotherapy
  31. SBA-Pr-Is-TAP Functionalized Nanostructured Silica as a Highly Selective Fluorescent Chemosensor for Fe3+ and Cr2O72− Ions in Aqueous Media
  32. Phosphoric acid doped polybenzimidazole based polymer electrolyte membrane and functionalized SBA-15 mesoporous for elevated temperature fuel cell
  33. Direct monitoring of diclofenac using a supramolecular fluorescent approach based on β-cyclodextrin nanosponge
  34. A new yolk-shell hollow mesoporous nanocomposite, Fe3O4@SiO2@MCM41-IL/WO42-, as a catalyst in the synthesis of novel pyrazole coumarin compounds
  35. Synthesis and application of SBA-Pr-Py@Pd in Suzuki-type cross-coupling reaction
  36. SBA-ionic liquid as an efficient adsorbent of palladium, silver, and gold ions
  37. Comprehensive batch and continuous methyl orange removal studies using surfactant modified chitosan-clinoptilolite composite
  38. Removal of mercury ions from aqueous by functionalized LUS-1 with Bis [3-(triethoxysilyl) propyl] tetrasulfide as an effective nanocomposite using response surface methodology (RSM)
  39. Synthesis of Ag(I)@Fum−Pr−Pyr−Benzimidazole and Its Optical and Catalytic Activities in Click Reactions
  40. Photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants, viral and bacterial pathogens using titania nanoparticles
  41. A Fluorescent Chemosensor Based on Functionalized Nanoporous Silica (SBA-15 SBA-IC-MN) for Detection of Hg2+ in Aqueous Media
  42. SBA-Pr-Imine-Furan as an environmental adsorbent of Pd(II) in aqueous solutions
  43. Improvement of dye and protein filtration efficiency using modified PES membrane with 2-mercaptoethanol capped zinc sulfide quantum dots
  44. One-pot synthesis of hematite-alumina hollow sphere composite by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis technique with high adsorption capacity toward PAHs
  45. SBA-Pr-IS-MN synthesis and its application as Ag+ optical sensor in aqueous media
  46. Synthesis, characterization, and molecular docking of benzodiazepines in the presence of SrFe12O19 magnetic nanocatalyst
  47. The functionalized mesoporous silica SBA-15 as heterogeneous catalyst in organic synthesis.
  48. Lansoprazole-Based Colorimetric Chemosensor for Efficient Binding and Sensing of Carbonate Ion: Spectroscopy and DFT Studies
  49. A facile preparation of ZnFe2O4–CuO-N/B/RGO and ZnFe2O4–CuO–C3N4 ternary heterojunction nanophotocatalyst: characterization, biocompatibility, photo-Fenton-like degradation of MO and magnetic properties
  50. Release of lanthanum cations loaded into piperazine-modified SBA-15 to inhibit the mild steel corrosion
  51. New advances on Au-magnetic organic hybrid core-shells in MRI, CT imaging, and drug delivery
  52. Magnetically recoverable catalysts for the preparation of pyridine derivatives: an overview
  53. The role of carbon nanotubes in antibiotics drug delivery
  54. Cur-loaded ZnFe2O4@mZnO@N-GQDs biocompatible nano-carriers for smart and controlled targeted drug delivery with pH-triggered and ultrasound irradiation
  55. N-Doped Carbon Hollow Spheres for the Simultaneous Determination of Atorvastatin and Amlodipine by Synchronous Fluorescence Spectrofluorimetry
  56. Photocatalytic degradation of different pollutants by the novel gCN-NS/Black-TiO2 heterojunction photocatalyst under visible light: Introducing a photodegradation model and optimization by response surface methodology (RSM)
  57. The ZnFe2O4@mZnO–N/RGO nano-composite as a carrier and an intelligent releaser drug with dual pH- and ultrasound-triggered control
  58. Anti-fouling and permeable polyvinyl chloride nanofiltration membranes embedded by hydrophilic graphene quantum dots for dye wastewater treatment
  59. Anti-fouling polyethersulfone nanofiltration membranes aided by amine-functionalized boron nitride nanosheets with improved separation performance
  60. Erbium (III) molybdate as a new nanofiller for fabrication of antifouling polyethersulfone membranes
  61. Controlled release of anticancer drug using o-phenylenediamine functionalized SBA-15 as a novel nanocarrier
  62. A highly sensitive fluorescence measurement of amphetamine using 8-hydroxyquinoline-β-cyclodextrin grafted on graphene oxide
  63. Nanostructured polyethersulfone membranes for dye and protein separation: Exploring antifouling role of holmium (III) molybdate nanosheets
  64. Heterojunction of N/B/RGO and g-C3N4 anchored magnetic ZnFe2O4@ZnO for promoting UV/Vis-induced photo-catalysis and in vitro toxicity studies
  65. Naphthoquinone-Functionalized Nanoporous Silica: Synthesis, Characterization and Application for Fluorescent Sensing of Dicromate
  66. Synthesis of Sodalite from Sepiolite by Alkali Fusion Method and Its Application to Remove Fe3+, Cr3+, and Cd2+ from Aqueous Solutions
  67. Synthesis and characterization of mesoporous organosilica supported palladium (SBA‐Pr‐NCQ‐Pd) as an efficient nanocatalyst in the Mizoroki–Heck coupling reaction
  68. Decorated palladium nanoparticles on mesoporous organosilicate as an efficient catalyst for Sonogashira coupling reaction
  69. Sulfidic GO-grafted glass stir-bar as a noble metal ions adsorbent
  70. Acenaphtoquinoxaline as a selective fluorescent sensor for Hg (II) detection: experimental and theoretical studies
  71. The synthesis of SBA-Pr-3AP@Pd and its application as a highly dynamic, eco-friendly heterogeneous catalyst for Suzuki–Miyaura cross-coupling reaction
  72. Simultaneous removal of crystal violet and methyl green in water samples by functionalised SBA-15
  73. Cooling assisted headspace microextraction by packed sorbent coupled to HPLC for the determination of volatile polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soil
  74. Dual mode colorimetric-fluorescent sensor for highly sensitive and selective detection of Mg2+ ion in aqueous media
  75. A Fluorescent g-C3N4 Nanosensor for Detection of Dichromate Ions
  76. Preparation of hierarchical g-C3N4@TiO2 hollow spheres for enhanced visible-light induced catalytic CO2 reduction
  77. Graphitic carbon nitride-based photocatalysts: Toward efficient organic transformation for value-added chemicals production
  78. Synthesis and characterization of Fe3O4@SiO2@MIL-100(Fe) nanocomposite: A nanocarrier for loading and release of celecoxib
  79. Fluorescence turn off-on probe (β-cyclodextrin-hydroxyquinoline) for monitoring of Cd2+ ions and tetracycline
  80. FRET probe for selective and sensitive detection of vitamin A by cadmium free quantum dots (ZnS)
  81. Author response for "Measurement devices allocation in distribution system using state estimation: A multi‐objective approach"
  82. Fe3O4@SiO2@(BuSO3H)3 synthesis as a new efficient nanocatalyst and its application in the synthesis of heterocyclic [3.3.3] propellane derivatives
  83. Visible Light CO2 Reduction to CH4 Using Hierarchical Yolk@shell TiO2–xHx Modified with Plasmonic Au–Pd Nanoparticles
  84. Effect of Piperazine Functionalization of Mesoporous Silica Type SBA-15 on the Loading Efficiency of 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole Corrosion Inhibitor
  85. A dual-emission fluorescence probe for simultaneous quantification of CN− and Cr2O72− ions based on modified g-C3N4
  86. Synthesis, Characterization and Luminescence Properties of YAG:RE (Ce, Sm and Gd) Nanophosphor by Cathodic Electrodeposition Method
  87. Rational design of yolk–shell nanostructures for drug delivery
  88. SBA-Ionic Liquid as an Efficient Adsorbent of Palladium, Silver, and Gold Ions
  89. High temperature composite membranes based on polybenzimidazole and dendrimer amine functionalized SBA-15 mesoporous silica for fuel cells
  90. Tris (2-aminoethyl) Amine Functionalized Nanoporous Silica SBA-15 as a Potential Drug Carrier for Citalopram
  91. Designer 3D CoAl-layered double hydroxide@N, S doped graphene hollow architecture decorated with Pd nanoparticles for Sonogashira couplings
  92. Formation of functionalized silica-based nanoparticles and their application for extraction and determination of Hg (II) ion in fish samples
  93. Fluorene‐Functionalized, Dendrimer‐Modified SBA‐15: Detection of Iron(III) and Mercury (II) in Aqueous Media and Logic Gate Studies
  94. Removal of acid dyes from aqueous solutions using a new eco‐friendly nanocomposite of CoFe 2 O 4 modified with Tragacanth gum
  95. A highly selective Ag+ sensor based on 8-hydroxyquinoline functionalized graphene oxide -silica nanosheet and its logic gate behaviour
  96. Pd embedded N, S co‐doped graphene wrapped core‐shell magnetic nanospheres: Engineered stable nanocatalyst for Suzuki couplings
  97. Anthracene modified graphene oxide-silica as an optical sensor for selective detection of Cu2+ and I− ions
  98. An ultrasensitive fluorescence sensor for determination of trace levels of copper in blood samples
  99. An efficient method for the synthesis of functionalized 4H-chromenes as optical sensor for detection of Fe3+ in ethanol
  100. Highly selective silica-based fluorescent nanosensor for ferric ion (Fe3+) detection in aqueous media
  101. Mesoporous Hierarchically Hollow Flower-Like CoAl-LDH@N,S-doped Graphene@Pd Nanoarchitectures for Heck Couplings
  102. Removal of Hg(II) Ions from Aqueous Environment with the Use of Modified LUS-1 as New Nanostructured Adsorbent
  103. Effect of nanosilica morphology on modification of asphalt binder
  104. Comparative localization of cystathionine beta synthases and cystathionine gamma lyase in canine, non-human primate and human retina
  105. Value-added utilization of pyrolysis heavy distillate for the synthesis of nitrogen doped graphene with chemical vapor deposition
  106. Magnetic nanocrystallites strontium hexaferrite as an efficient catalyst in the green Betti reaction
  107. Efficient removal of malachite green from wastewater by using boron-doped mesoporous carbon nitride
  108. Preparation of a dual-functionalized fumed silica nanoparticle catalysis for synthesis of azaluorenone derivatives
  109. SBA-Pr-SO3H-catalyzed synthesis of bispyrazole compounds as anti-bacterial agents and inhibitors of phosphorylated RET tyrosine kinase
  110. 3D Yolk@Shell TiO2–x/LDH Architecture: Tailored Structure for Visible Light CO2 Conversion
  111. Boron-doped graphitic carbon nitride as a novel fluorescent probe for mercury(ii) and iron(iii): a circuit logic gate mimic
  112. Engineering of highly active Au/Pd supported on hydrogenated urchin-like yolk@shell TiO2 for visible light photocatalytic Suzuki coupling
  113. Synthesis and characterization of organic/inorganic hybrid materials based on polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (POSS) and poly(ethylene glycol) via click chemistry
  114. The role of hollow magnetic nanoparticles in drug delivery
  115. Efficient photodegradation of acid orange 7 by using ultrasound-assisted synthesis of ternary graphene nanocomposite based on TiO2
  116. Engineered bi-functional hydrophilic/hydrophobic yolk@shell architectures: A rational strategy for non-time dependent ultra selective photocatalytic oxidation
  117. Black hollow TiO2 nanocubes: Advanced nanoarchitectures for efficient visible light photocatalytic applications
  118. A template-free method to synthesize porous G-C3N4 with efficient visible light photodegradation of organic pollutants in water
  119. Dramatic visible photocatalytic performance of g-C3N4-based nanocomposite due to the synergistic effect of AgBr and ZnO semiconductors
  120. The green synthesis of 2-amino-3-cyanopyridines using SrFe12O19 magnetic nanoparticles as efficient catalyst and their application in complexation with Hg2+ ions
  121. Fluorescent and colorimetric dual mode probe for detection of iodide through iodide/triiodide equilibrium
  122. High efficiency visible-light-driven Fe2O3-xS /S-doped g-C3N4 heterojunction photocatalysts: Direct Z-scheme mechanism
  123. Pre-concentration of Zn(II) ions from aqueous solutions using meso-porous pyridine-enrobed magnetite nanostructures
  124. One-pot solvent-free synthesis of pyranonaphthoquinone-fused spirooxindoles catalyzed by SBA-IL
  125. Solubility of carbon dioxide and methane in 1-hexyl-3-methylimidazolium nitrate ionic liquid, experimental and thermodynamic modeling
  126. Palladium-anchored multidentate SBA-15/di-urea nanoreactor: A highly active catalyst for Suzuki coupling reaction
  127. 2,2’-(butane-1,4-diylbis(oxy))dibenzaldehyde cross-linked magnetic chitosan nanoparticles as a new adsorbent for the removal of reactive red 239 from aqueous solutions
  128. Improving Physical Adsorption of CO2 by Ionic Liquids-Loaded Mesoporous Silica
  129. Effect of MAO-modified nanoporous silica supports with single-site titanocene catalyst on ethylene polymerization
  130. NOT-INHIBIT Reversible Logic Gate Behavior of g-C3 N4 -Hg2+ -Complexed Nanoparticles
  131. A Novel Fluorescent Chemosensor Assembled with 2,6-Bis(2-Benzimidazolyl)Pyridine-Functionalized Nanoporous Silica-Type SBA-15 for Recognition of Hg2+ Ion in Aqueous Media
  132. Domino synthesis of quinoxaline derivatives using SBA-Pr-NH2 as a nanoreactor and their spectrophotometric complexation studies with some metals ions
  133. Efficient device for the benign removal of organic pollutants from aqueous solutions using modified mesoporous magnetite nanostructures
  134. Applications of SBA-15 supported Pd metal catalysts as nanoreactors in C–C coupling reactions
  135. Designer hydrogenated wrinkled yolk@shell TiO2 architectures towards advanced visible light photocatalysts for selective alcohol oxidation
  136. A pH-responsive and magnetic Fe3O4@silica@MIL-100(Fe)/β-CD nanocomposite as a drug nanocarrier: loading and release study of cephalexin
  137. Correction: Facile synthesis of NiS2 nanoparticles ingrained in a sulfur-doped carbon nitride framework with enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity: two functional roles of thiourea
  138. Facile synthesis of NiS2 nanoparticles ingrained in a sulfur-doped carbon nitride framework with enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity: two functional roles of thiourea
  139. Modeling of Chlorpyrifos degradation by TiO2 photocatalysis under visible light using response surface methodology
  140. Response surface methodology modeling to improve degradation of Chlorpyrifos in agriculture runoff using TiO2 solar photocatalytic in a raceway pond reactor
  141. Synthesis and characterization of novel Sm2O3/S-doped g-C3N4 nanocomposites with enhanced photocatalytic activities under visible light irradiation
  142. Zinc deficiency as a codeterminant for airway epithelial barrier dysfunction in an ex vivo model of COPD
  143. Facile one-pot synthesis of cerium oxide/sulfur-doped graphitic carbon nitride (g-C3N4) as efficient nanophotocatalysts under visible light irradiation
  144. In situ fabrication of SnO2/S-doped g-C3N4 nanocomposites and improved visible light driven photodegradation of methylene blue
  145. Synthesis of magnetically modified mesoporous nanoparticles and their application in simultaneous determination of Pb(II), Cd(II) and Cu(II)
  146. A highly sensitive fluorescent bulk sensor based on isonicotinic acid hydrazide–immobilized nano-fumed silica (fumed-Si–INAH) for detection of Hg2+ and Cr3+ ions in aqueous media
  147. A new nano-sorbent for fast and efficient removal of heavy metals from aqueous solutions based on modification of magnetic mesoporous silica nanospheres
  148. Effect of welding parameters on the microstructure and mechanical properties of the friction stir welded joints of a Mg-12Li-1Al alloy
  149. Sol–gel auto-combustion production of SrFe12O19 magnetic nanoparticles and its application in the synthesis of spirooxindol–quinazolinone derivatives
  150. One-pot Synthesis of Benzo[c]acridine Derivatives Using SBA-Pr-SO3H as Nano Catalyst
  151. Electrochemical Determination of Gliclazide on Magnetic Core- Shell Fe3O4@SiO2 Functionalized Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode
  152. Separation of trace amounts of palladium from water and wastewater samples using MPTMS-SBA-15 mesoporous silica sorbents
  153. Synthesis of 2,4,5-Trisubstituted Phenanthroimidazole Derivatives using SBA-Pr-SO3H as a Nanocatalyst
  154. The role of pyruvic acid as starting material in some organic reactions in the presence of SBA-Pr-SO3H nanocatalyst
  155. Post-modification of nanoporous silica type SBA-15 by bis(3-triethoxysilylpropyl)tetrasulfide as an efficient adsorbent for arsenic removal
  156. Synthesis of silica gel modified with 2,2′-(hexane-1,6-diylbis(oxy)) dibenzaldehyde as a new adsorbent for the removal of Reactive Yellow 84 and Reactive Blue 19 dyes from aqueous solutions: Equilibrium and thermodynamic studies
  157. Sulfur-Doped Mesoporous Carbon Nitride Decorated with Cu Particles for Efficient Photocatalytic Degradation under Visible-Light Irradiation
  158. Selective detection of Hg2+ ion in aqueous medium with the use of 3-(pyrimidin-2-ylimino)indolin-2-one-functionalized SBA-15
  159. Modification of fumed silica surface with different sulfonamides via a postsynthesis method and their application as antibacterial agents
  160. Optimization of Influential Factors on the Photocatalytic Performance of TiO2–Graphene Composite in Degradation of an Organic Dye by RSM Methodology
  161. Extraction of gold, palladium and silver ions using organically modified silica-coated magnetic nanoparticles and silica gel as a sorbent
  162. Controllable Synthesis of Mesoporous Sulfur-Doped Carbon Nitride Materials for Enhanced Visible Light Photocatalytic Degradation
  163. Adsorption equilibrium and thermodynamics of anionic reactive dyes from aqueous solutions by using a new modified silica gel with 2,2′-(pentane-1,5-diylbis(oxy))dibenzaldehyde
  164. Five-component domino synthesis of tetrahydropyridines using hexagonal PbCr x Fe12−x O19 as efficient magnetic nanocatalyst
  165. Photocatalytic Application of TiO2–AgI Hybrid for Degradation of Organic Pollutants in Water
  166. A Schiff base-grafted nanoporous silica material as a reversible optical probe for Hg2+ ion in water
  167. The use of SrFe12 O19 magnetic nanoparticles as an efficient catalyst in the modified Niementowski reaction
  168. Investigation of environmental and concentration effects on fluorescence properties of AlQ3 using mesoporous silica and polyacrylate
  169. Simultaneous photocatalytic and catalytic activity of p–n junction NiO@anatase/rutile-TiO2 as a noble-metal free reusable nanoparticle for synthesis of organic compounds
  170. Iron-functionalized nanoporous silica type SBA-15: Synthesis, characterization and application in alkene epoxidation in presence of hydrogen peroxide
  171. Unexpected Synthesis of 1,3,4-Oxadiazines using extraordinary effect of SBA-Pr-SO3 H as the Nano-catalyst
  172. Synthesis of Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane (POSS) with Multifunctional Sulfonamide Groups Through Click Chemistry
  173. A chromotropic acid modified SBA-15 as a highly sensitive fluorescent probe for determination of Fe3+ and I− ions in water
  174. Immobilization of lipases onto the SBA-15 mesoporous silica
  175. A novel functionalized nanoporous SBA-15 as a selective fluorescent sensor for the detection of multianalytes (Fe 3+ and Cr 2 O 7 2 − ) in water
  176. Carboxyl-rich g-C3N4 nanoparticles: Synthesis, characterization and their application for selective fluorescence sensing of Hg2+ and Fe3+ in aqueous media
  177. Experimental study on CO 2 sorption capacity of the neat and porous silica supported ionic liquids and the effect of water content of flue gas
  178. Sonication method synergism with rare earth based nanocatalyst: preparation of NiFe 2– x Eu x O 4 nanostructures and its catalytic applications for the synthesis of benzimidazoles, benzoxazoles, and benzothiazoles under ultrasonic irradiation
  179. Application of Organoamine-functionalized Mesoporous Silica (SBA-Pr-NH2) as a Nano Base Catalyst in Organic Reactions
  180. Isatin functionalized nanoporous SBA-15 as a selective fluorescent probe for the detection of Hg(II) in water
  181. Synthesis and characterization of yttrium aluminum garnet nanostructures by cathodic electrodeposition method
  182. Removal of Reactive Black 5 from water using carboxylic acid-grafted SBA-15 nanorods
  183. One-Pot Synthesis of Spiro[chromeno[2,3-c]pyrazole-4,3′-indoline]-diones Using Sulfonic Acid Functionalized Nanoporous Silica SBA-Pr-SO3H and Study of Their Antimicrobial Properties
  184. Application of SBA-Pr-SO3H in the synthesis of 2,3-dihydroquinazoline-4(1H)-ones: characterization, UV–Vis investigations and DFT studies
  185. A single optical sensor with high sensitivity for detection of Fe 3+ and CN − ions
  186. Tweens demulsification effects on heavy crude oil/water emulsion
  187. New functionalized 8-hydroxyquinoline-5-sulfonic acid mesoporous silica (HQS-SBA-15) as an efficient catalyst for the synthesis of 2-thiohydantoin derivatives
  188. Synthesis of Spherical Carbon Nitride-Based Polymer Composites by Continuous Aerosol–Photopolymerization with Efficient Light Harvesting
  189. A click-derived dual organic-inorganic hybrid optical sensor based on SBA-15 for selective recognition of Zn2+ and CN− in water
  190. A Simple Colorimetric Chemosensor for Naked Eye Detection of Cyanide Ion
  191. A Fluorescent Sensor for Al(III) and Colorimetric Sensor for Fe(III) and Fe(II) Based on a Novel 8-Hydroxyquinoline Derivative
  192. 2,6-Bis(2-Benzimidazolyl)Pyridine Fluorescent Red-Shifted Sensor for Recognition of Zinc(II) and a Calorimetric Sensor for Iron Ions
  194. High-temperature stable anatase-type TiO2 nanotube arrays: A study of the structure–activity relationship
  195. Charge separation by tetrahexahedron-SrTiO3/TiO2 heterojunction as an efficient photocatalyst
  196. A New Approach to Sensing H Using SBA-15 Grafted with Fluorene di-ammonium Groups and Theoretical study
  197. Adsorptive recovery of an essential rose oil component from aqueous solution by nanoporous carbon (CMK-3)
  198. Fe-Supported SBA-16 Type Cagelike Mesoporous Silica with Enhanced Catalytic Activity for Direct Hydroxylation of Benzene to Phenol
  199. Hybrid Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Photocatalytic Processes for Removal of Triphenylmethane Dyes: Artificial Neural Network Modeling
  200. Ultrasonic-assisted synthesis of Ce doped cubic–hexagonal ZnTiO3 with highly efficient sonocatalytic activity
  201. Cystathionine-γ-lyase gene silencing with siRNA in monocytes/macrophages attenuates inflammation in cecal ligation and puncture-induced sepsis in the mouse
  202. Sulfonic acid-functionalized LUS-1: an efficient catalyst for tetrahydropyranylation/depyranylation of alcohols
  203. Application of SBA-Pr-SO3H as a nanoreactor in the one-pot synthesis of spiroquinazolinones
  204. Fluorescence-enhanced optical sensor for detection of Al3+ in water based on functionalised nanoporous silica type SBA-15
  205. A simple nanoporous silica-based dual mode optical sensor for detection of multiple analytes (Fe3+, Al3+ and CN−) in water mimicking XOR logic gate
  206. Advances in click chemistry for silica-based material construction
  208. Ultrasonic-assisted degradation of phenazopyridine with a combination of Sm-doped ZnO nanoparticles and inorganic oxidants
  209. SBA-15 Functionalized with Naphthalene Derivative for Selective Optical Sensing of Cr2O72− in Water
  210. Use of functionalized nanoporous silica for the microextraction by packed sorbent of ellagic acid from fruit juice
  211. A nanostructured LUS-1 based organic–inorganic hybrid optical sensor for highly selective sensing of Fe3+ in water
  212. Highly selective production of phenol from benzene over mesoporous silica-supported chromium catalyst: Role of response surface methodology in optimization of operating variables
  213. A Single Fluorescent Sensor for Hg2+ and Discriminately Detection of Cr3+ and Cr(VI)
  214. Efficient green synthesis of 3,3-di(indolyl)indolin-2-ones using sulfonic acid functionalized nanoporous SBA-Pr-SO3H and study of their antimicrobial properties
  215. Cystathionine-gamma-lyase gene silencing with siRNA in monocytes/macrophages protects mice against acute pancreatitis
  216. Synthesis of a Nanostructured Composite: Octakis(1-propyl-1H-1,2,3-triazole-4-yl(methyl 2-chlorobenzoate))octasilsesquioxane via Click Reaction
  217. One-pot solvent-free synthesis of 1,8-dioxo-octahydroxanthene derivatives using sulfonic acid-functionalized LUS-1 and their antimicrobial activities
  218. Ultrasonic-assisted sol–gel synthesis of samarium, cerium co-doped TiO2 nanoparticles with enhanced sonocatalytic efficiency
  219. One-pot synthesis of 1,2,4,5-tetra substituted imidazoles using sulfonic acid functionalized silica (SiO2-Pr-SO3H)
  220. Sulfonate-functionalized nanoporous silica spheres as adsorbent for methylene blue
  221. Fluorene functionalized nanoporous SBA-15 incorporated into carbon paste electrode for trace copper determination
  222. A Novel Naphthalene-Immobilized Nanoporous SBA-15 as a Highly Selective Optical Sensor for Detection of Fe3+ in Water
  223. UV-LEDs assisted preparation of silver deposited TiO2 catalyst bed inside microchannels as a high efficiency microphotoreactor for cleaning polluted water
  225. Inhibition of hydrogen sulfide synthesis by gene silencing protects mice against caerulein-induced acute pancreatitis
  226. N-butylamine functionalized graphene oxide for detection of iron(III) by photoluminescence quenching
  227. Label free Detection of Vitamin B12 Based on Fluorescence Quenching of Graphene Oxide Nanolayer
  228. Enhanced photocatalytic removal of phenazopyridine by using silver-impregnated SiO2–TiO2 nanoparticles: optimization of synthesis variables
  229. ChemInform Abstract: Application of Sulfonic Acid Functionalized SBA-15 as a New Nanoporous Acid Catalyst in the Green One-Pot Synthesis of Spirooxindole-4H-pyrans.
  230. Ionic liquid supported nanoporous silica (SBA-IL) as an efficient and heterogeneous catalyst in the domino synthesis of polyhydroquinoline derivatives
  231. Application of SBA-Pr-NH2 as a nanoporous base silica catalyst in the development of 2,2-Bis(1H-indol-3-yl)acenaphthen-1(2H)-ones syntheses
  232. Photo and Chemical Reduction of Copper onto Anatase-Type TiO2Nanoparticles with Enhanced Surface Hydroxyl Groups as Efficient Visible Light Photocatalysts
  233. ChemInform Abstract: Sulfonic Acid-Functionalized Mesoporous Silica (SBA-Pr-SO3H) as Solid Acid Catalyst in Organic Reactions
  234. Piperazine and its carboxylic acid derivatives-functionalized mesoporous silica as nanocarriers for gemcitabine: Adsorption and release study
  235. Carboxylic acid-functionalized SBA-15 nanorods for gemcitabine delivery
  236. Green synthesis and characterization of graphene nanosheets
  237. Sulfonic acid-functionalized mesoporous silica (SBA-Pr-SO3H) as solid acid catalyst in organic reactions
  238. A single hybrid optical sensor based on nanoporous silica type SBA-15 for detection of Pb2+and I−in aqueous media
  240. Application of sulfonic acid functionalized nanoporous silica (SBA-Pr-SO3H) in the green one-pot synthesis of triazoloquinazolinones and benzimidazoquinazolinones
  241. The role of SBA-15 in drug delivery
  242. Dendrimer grafted nanoporous silica as a new coating for headspace solid-phase microextraction fibers
  243. Green one-pot, four-component synthesis of spiro[indoline-3,4′-pyrano[2,3-c]pyrazole] derivatives using amino-functionalized nanoporous silica SBA-15 under solvent-free conditions
  245. Fabrication of an inexpensive and high efficiency microphotoreactor using CO2laser technique for photocatalytic water treatment applications
  246. Enhanced photocatalytic degradation of an azo textile dye by using TiO2/NiO coupled nanoparticles: Optimization of synthesis and operational key factors
  247. Efficient one-pot synthesis of 2H-indazolo[2,1-b]phthalazinetrione derivatives with amino-functionalized nanoporous silica (SBA-Pr-NH2) as catalyst
  248. Facile microwave-assisted synthesis of 2-aryloxazolo[4,5-b]pyridines using SBA-Pr-NH2
  249. Hydrogen sulfide acts as a pro-inflammatory mediator in rheumatic disease
  250. ChemInform Abstract: Silica Functionalized Propyl Sulfonic Acid (SiO2-Pr-SO3H): An Efficient Catalyst in Organic Reactions
  251. Silica functionalized propyl sulfonic acid (SiO2-Pr-SO3H): An efficient catalyst in organic reactions
  252. The correlation between aging time and pore characteristics in the synthesis of mesoporous Al2O3
  253. Synthesis of 1,8-dioxo-decahydroacridine derivatives using sulfonic acid functionalized silica (SiO2-Pr-SO3H) under solvent free conditions
  254. Surface functionalization of SBA-15 nanorods for anticancer drug delivery
  255. Efficient One-Pot Solvent-Free Synthesis of 1H-Pyrazolo[1,2-b]phthalazine-5,10-diones Catalyzed by Sulfonic Acid Functionalized Nanoporous Silica (SBA-Pr-SO3H)
  256. Functionalized nanostructured silica by tetradentate-amine chelating ligand as efficient heavy metals adsorbent : Applications to industrial effluent treatment
  257. Application of SBA-Pr-NH2 in one-pot three-component reaction of methylene-carbonyl compounds, acenaphthenequinone, malononitriles and exploration of its antimicrobial activity
  258. Cross-linked poly(vinyl alcohol)/sulfonated nanoporous silica hybrid membranes for proton exchange membrane fuel cell
  259. TiO2/CeO2 Hybrid Photocatalyst with Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity: Optimization of Synthesis Variables
  260. Application of response surface methodology for optimization of operational variables in photodegradation of phenazopyridine drug using TiO2/CeO2hybrid nanoparticles
  261. Optimization of UV/inorganic oxidants system efficiency for photooxidative removal of an azo textile dye
  262. Application of Sulfonic Acid Functionalized SBA-15 as a New Nanoporous Acid Catalyst in the Green One-Pot Synthesis of Spirooxindole-4H-pyrans
  263. ChemInform Abstract: Mesostructured SBA-15-Pr-SO3H: An Efficient Solid Acid Catalyst for One-Pot and Solvent-Free Synthesis of 3,4-Dihydro-2-pyridone Derivatives.
  264. Study of the Effect of Additives on the Photocatalytic Degradation of a Triphenylmethane Dye in the Presence of Immobilized TiO2/NiO Nanoparticles: Artificial Neural Network Modeling
  266. Highly efficient removal of basic blue 41 with nanoporous silica
  267. A voltammetric sensor based on NiO/CNTs ionic liquid carbon paste electrode for determination of morphine in the presence of diclofenac
  268. Minimization of electrical energy consumption in the photocatalytic reduction of Cr(vi) by using immobilized Mg, Ag co-impregnated TiO2 nanoparticles
  269. Adsorptive removal of toxic dye from aqueous solution and real industrial effluent by tris(2-aminoethyl)amine functionalized nanoporous silica
  270. Inhibition of Hydrogen Sulfide Production by Gene Silencing Attenuates Inflammatory Activity by Downregulation of NF-κB and MAP Kinase Activity in LPS-Activated RAW 264.7 Cells
  271. Turn-off Fluorescence Chemosensor for Iron with Bis(2-aminoethyl)-2-(9-fluorenyl)malonamide Functionlized SBA-15
  272. Heavy metals determination in water and food samples after preconcentration by a new nanoporous adsorbent
  273. Mesostructured SBA-15-Pr-SO3H: An efficient solid acid catalyst for one-pot and solvent-free synthesis of 3,4-dihydro-2-pyridone derivatives
  274. A simple and clean method for multicomponent synthesis of spiro [indole-tetrahydropyrano(2,3-d)pyrimidine] derivatives using SBA-Pr-SO3H as catalyst under solvent-free conditions
  275. A novel Fe3+ ions chemosensor by covalent coupling fluorene onto the mono, di- and tri-ammonium functionalized nanoporous silica type SBA-15
  276. Inhibition of hydrogen sulfide production by gene silencing attenuates inflammatory activity of LPS-activated RAW264.7 cells
  277. A selective fluorescent bulk sensor for lutetium based on hexagonal mesoporous structures
  278. Selective Optical Sensing of Hg(II) in Aqueous Media by H-Acid/SBA-15: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Study
  279. One-pot four-component synthesis of 2,5-dioxo-1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8-octahydroquinolines catalyzed by silica-based sulfonic acid
  280. Microextraction of Rosmarinic Acid Using CMK-3 Nanoporous Carbon in a Packed Syringe
  281. A novel Lu3+ fluorescent nano-chemosensor using new functionalized mesoporous structures
  282. Ionic liquid functionalized nanoporous silica for removal of anionic dye
  283. Synthesis of a New Interpenetrated Mixed Ligand Ni(II) Metal–Organic Framework: Structural, Thermal and Fluorescence Studies and its Thermal Decomposition to NiO Nanoparticles
  284. Synthesis of CaWO4:Er3+@SiO2 and CaWO4:Tm3+@SiO2 nano-particles via a combustion pathway and study of their optical properties
  285. Efficient One-Pot Synthesis of Bis(4-hydroxycoumarin)methanes in the Presence of Sulfonic Acid Functionalized Nanoporous Silica (SBA-Pr-SO3H)
  286. Three-component synthesis of pyrano[2,3-d]-pyrimidine dione derivatives facilitated by sulfonic acid nanoporous silica (SBA-Pr-SO3H) and their docking and urease inhibitory activity
  287. Synthesis of novel fluorene-functionalised nanoporous silica and its luminescence behaviour in acidic media
  288. Efficient one-pot synthesis of 2,4,5-trisubstituted and 1,2,4,5-tetrasubstituted imidazoles using SBA-Pr-SO3H as a green nano catalyst
  289. Extraction of edingtonite from a natural zeolite under hydrothermal conditions
  290. Microextraction in a Packed Syringe for the Analysis of Olive Biophenols in Rat Plasma Using CMK-3 Nanoporous Sorbent
  291. Application of SBA-Pr-SO3H in the synthesis of benzoxazole derivatives
  292. Efficient green synthesis of isoindigo derivatives using sulfonic-acid-functionalized nanoporous silica (SBA-Pr-SO3H) catalyst and study of their antimicrobial properties
  293. Application of Amino-Functionalized SBA-15 Type Mesoporous Silica in One-Pot Synthesis of Spirooxindoles
  294. A novel method for the simple and simultaneous preconcentration of Pb2+, Cu2+and Zn2+ions with aid of diethylenetriamine functionalized SBA-15 nanoporous silica compound
  295. Application of SiO2-Pr-SO3H as an efficient catalyst in the Ritter reaction
  296. A novel 2D zinc metal–organic framework: Synthesis, structural characterization and vibrational spectroscopic studies
  297. A three-dimensional highly stable cobalt(II) metal–organic framework based on terephthalic acid: synthesis, crystal structure, thermal and physical properties
  298. Selective Determination of Selenium in Garlic, Mushroom and Water Samples by Chemically Modified Mesoporous Silica Solid Phase Coupled with ICP-OES
  299. Photocatalytic Synthesis of Phenol by Direct Hydroxylation of Benzene by a Modified Nanoporous Silica (LUS-1) under Sunlight
  300. Aminobenzenesulfonamide functionalized SBA-15 nanoporous molecular sieve: A new and promising adsorbent for preconcentration of lead and copper ions
  301. Synthesis and characterization of tetrapyridophenazine ligand and its novel 1-D metal-organic wave-like coordination polymer of Ni(II) ion
  302. Batch and fixed-bed column adsorption of Cu(II), Pb(II) and Cd(II) from aqueous solution onto functionalised SBA-15 mesoporous silica
  303. Preparation of a New Solid-Phase Microextraction Fiber by Coating Silylated Nanoporous Silica on a Copper Wire
  304. Differential expression of the vacuolar aspartic proteinase (APR1) gene in Candida albicans strains isolated from Malaysian and Iranian human and mice blood
  305. A novel dichromate-sensitive fluorescent nano-chemosensor using new functionalized SBA-15
  306. Application of clickable nanoporous silica surface for immobilization of ionic liquids
  307. A novel permanganate-sensitive fluorescent nano-chemosensor assembled with a new 8-hydroxyquinoline-functionalized SBA-15
  310. Selective recognition of monohydrogen phosphate by fluorescence enhancement of a new cerium complex
  311. The synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of nano calcium fluorapatite using tetra-butylammonium fluoride
  312. Synthesis and characterization of new proton conducting hybrid membranes for PEM fuel cells based on poly(vinyl alcohol) and nanoporous silica containing phenyl sulfonic acid
  313. One-Pot Synthesis of Ethanolamine-Modified Mesoporous Silica
  314. Aminopropyl-functionalized cubic Ia3d mesoporous silica nanoparticle as an efficient support for immobilization of superoxide dismutase
  315. Liquid phase hydroxylation of benzene to phenol over vanadium substituted Keggin anion supported on amine functionalized SBA-15
  316. Oxovanadium(IV) salophen complex covalently anchored to multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) as heterogeneous catalyst for oxidation of cyclooctene
  317. Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes Using Metal-Modified Nanoporous Silicas
  318. A highly selective fluorescent probe for pyrophosphate detection in aqueous solutions
  319. The one-pot synthesis of 14-aryl-14H-dibenzo[a,j]xanthene derivatives using sulfonic acid functionalized silica (-Pr-) under solvent free conditions
  320. CMK-3 nanoporous carbon as a new fiber coating for solid-phase microextraction coupled to gas chromatography–mass spectrometry
  321. Effect of AlCl<sub>3</sub> Addition in Processing of TiAl-Al<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub> Nano-Composite via Mechanical Alloying
  322. One pot synthesis of functionalized SBA-15 by using an 8-hydroxyquinoline-5-sulfonamide-modified organosilane as precursor
  323. Functionalized SBA-15 mesoporous silica by melamine-based dendrimer amines for adsorptive characteristics of Pb(II), Cu(II) and Cd(II) heavy metal ions in batch and fixed bed column
  324. Fabrication of a New Modified Carbon Paste Electrode by Incorporating Guanidine Groups in the Nanoporous Silica Framework for the Determination of Copper(II) Ions in Waste Water Samples
  325. A novel method for preparation of 8-hydroxyquinoline functionalized mesoporous silica: Aluminum complexes and photoluminescence studies
  326. Effect of porogenic solvent on the morphology, recognition and release properties of carbamazepine-molecularly imprinted polymer nanospheres
  327. Pyrophosphate Selective Recognition in Aqueous Solution Based on Fluorescence Enhancement of a New Aluminium Complex
  328. Direct Hydroxylation of Benzene to Phenol over Fe3O4 Supported on Nanoporous Carbon
  329. Highly efficient removal and preconcentration of lead and cadmium cations from water and wastewater samples using ethylenediamine functionalized SBA-15
  330. An Efficient Synthesis of Tetrahydrobenzo[b]pyran Derivatives Using Sulfonic Acid Functionalized Silica as an Efficient Catalyst
  331. Synthesis and Characterization of Nanoporous Carbon Materials; The Effect of Surfactant Concentrations and Salts
  332. Relationship between droplet size and fluid flow characteristics in miniemulsion polymerization of methyl methacrylate
  333. Preparation of CaWO4:Ln3+@SiO2 (Ln=Tb, Dy and Ho) nanoparticles by a combustion reaction and their optical properties
  334. Separation, pre-concentration and determination of trace amounts of lead(II) ions in environmental samples using two functionalised nanoporous silica gels containing a dipyridyl sub-unit
  335. Catalytic chemical vapour deposition of carbon nanotubes using Fe-doped alumina catalysts
  336. Novel functionalized mesopore of SBA-15 as prospective sorbent for praseodymium and lutetium
  337. Adsorptive Immobilization of Acetylcholine Esterase on Octadecyl Substituted Porous Silica: Optical Bio-analysis of Carbaryl
  338. Effect of Benzyltrimethylammonium Ion as a Co-directing Agent on Phase Transitions in a Nanostructure Silica/Surfactant Composite
  339. Surfactant-Assisted Sol-Gel Auto-Combustion Synthesis of Sr-Hexaferrite Nano-Crystalline Powder Using Different Fuels and Basic Agents
  340. The Effect of Anionic Surfactant Quantity on the Sr-Hexaferrite Powder Synthesized by a Sol-Gel Auto-Combustion Process
  341. ChemInform Abstract: Cross-Aldol Condensation of Cycloalkanones and Aromatic Aldehydes in the Presence of Nanoporous Silica-Based Sulfonic Acid (SiO2—Pr—SO3H) under Solvent-Free Conditions.
  342. Thiomorpholine-functionalized nanoporous mesopore as a sensing material for Cd2+ carbon paste electrode
  343. Silica-Supported Antimony(III) Chloride as Highly Effective and Reusable Heterogeneous Catalyst for the Synthesis of Quinoxalines
  344. Determination of picomolar silver concentrations by differential pulse anodic stripping voltammetry at a carbon paste electrode modified with phenylthiourea-functionalized high ordered nanoporous silica gel
  345. Cross-aldol Condensation of Cycloalkanones and Aromatic Aldehydes in the Presence of Nanoporous Silica-based Sulfonic Acid (SiO2-Pr-SO3H) under Solvent Free Conditions
  346. Study of the Essential Oil Composition of Cumin Seeds by an Amino Ethyl-Functionalized Nanoporous SPME Fiber
  347. Crystal structure of 3-chlorobenzo[b]thiophene-2-carbonyl chloride
  348. Amino ethyl-functionalized nanoporous silica as a novel fiber coating for solid-phase microextraction
  349. Crystal Structure of (3-Hydroxy-4-methoxyphenyl)-(1,4,5-triphenyl)-1H-imidazole
  350. Potentiometric Detection of Mercury(II) Ions Using a Carbon Paste Electrode Modified with Substituted Thiourea-Functionalized Highly Ordered Nanoporous Silica
  351. Determination of Nanomolar Mercury(II) Concentration by Anodic-Stripping Voltammetry at a Carbon Paste Electrode Modified with Functionalized Nanoporous Silica Gel
  352. Linnett Double Quartet Theory, Challenging the Pairing Electrons
  353. Influence of the Metal Nitrates to Citric Acid Molar Ratio on the Processing of Nickel Zinc Ferrite Nanocrystalline Powders Synthesized by a Sol-Gel Auto Combustion Method
  354. Synthesis of Sr-Hexaferrite Nano-Powder by Sol-Gel Auto-Combustion Process with Addition of Organic Matters into Precursor Solution
  355. Investigation of the effective parameters on the synthesis of Ni-ferrite nanocrystalline powders by coprecipitation method
  356. The role of surfactant in synthesis of magnetic nanocrystalline powder of NiFe2O4 by sol–gel auto-combustion method
  360. ChemInform Abstract: A Study of the Diastereoselectivity of Diels-Alder Reactions on the Ce-SiO2as Support.
  361. Influence of Different Calcination Conditions on the Microstructure and Phase Constitution of Nickel-Zinc Ferrite Nanocrystalline Powders Prepared by a Sol-Gel Auto-Combustion Method
  362. 9-(2,3-Dichlorophenyl)-4a-hydroxy-3,3,6,6-tetramethyl-4,4a,5,6,9,9a-hexahydro-3H-xanthene-1,8(2H,7H)-dione
  363. 5,6-Dioxo-1,10-phenanthrolin-1-ium nitrate
  364. (3-Nitrophenyl)methanediyl diacetate
  365. N,N′-Bis(2,4-dichlorobenzylidene)ethylenediamine
  366. N,N′-Bis(2,3-dichlorobenzylidene)ethylenediamine
  367. Use of organofunctionalized nanoporous silica gel to improve the lifetime of carbon paste electrode for determination of copper(II) ions
  368. Comparison of the effects of cationic, anionic and nonionic surfactants on the properties of Sr-hexaferrite nanopowder synthesized by a sol–gel auto-combustion method
  369. N,N′-Bis(2,6-dichlorobenzyl)ethylenediimine
  370. Carbon Paste Electrode Modified with Functionalized Nanoporous Silica Gel as a New Sensor for Determination of Silver Ion
  371. Effect of different fuels on the strontium hexaferrite nanopowder synthesized by a surfactant-assisted sol–gel auto-combustion method
  372. The effect of surfactant hydrocarbon tail length on the crystallite size of Sr-hexaferrite powders synthesized by a sol–gel auto-combustion method
  373. An investigation on physical properties of strontium hexaferrite nanopowder synthesized by a sol–gel auto-combustion process with addition of cationic surfactant
  374. Surface tailoring control in micelle templated silica
  375. Optimization of the Fe/Sr ratio in processing of ultrafine strontium hexaferrite powders by a sol-gel autocombustion method
  376. A study on the formation of strontium hexaferrite nanopowder by a sol–gel auto-combustion method in the presence of surfactant
  377. Evaluation of PDTC for Removing Ni(II) from Human Serum Transferrin in Vitro
  378. A novel method for fast enrichment and monitoring of hexavalent and trivalent chromium at the ppt level with modified silica MCM-41 and its determination by inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry
  379. Pico Level Monitoring of Silver with Modified Hexagonal Mesoporous Compound (MCM-41) and Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry
  380. Homogeneous polymerization of ethylene using an iron-based metal catalyst system
  381. Serendipitous synthesis of 1,4-benzothiazin derivatives using 2-[(2-aminophenyl)disulfanyl aniline
  382. Novel Method for the Fast Separation and Purification of Molybdenum(VI) from Fission Products of Uranium with Aminofunctionalized Mesoporous Molecular Sieves (AMMS) Modified by Dicyclohexyl‐18‐Crown‐6 and S‐N Tetradentate Schiff's Base
  383. Novel Method for the Fast Preconcentration and Monitoring of a ppt Level of Lead and Copper with a Modified Hexagonal Mesoporous Silica Compound and Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry
  384. Selective and Non-Selective Determination of Heavy Metal Ions in Flowing Solutions by Fast Stripping Cyclic Voltammetry
  385. Ion mediation and surface charge density in phase transition of micelle templated silica
  386. UV–visible, XANES and EXAFS investigations of a cobalt complex grafted in micelle templated silica
  387. Anion Effect on Surface Density of Silanolate Groups in As-Synthesized Mesoporous Silicas
  388. Modification of Mesoporous Silica by Direct Template Ion Exchange Using Cobalt Complexes
  389. EXAFS multiple scattering characterization of metal modified mesoporous sieves
  390. Fe and Co modifications of siliceous MCM-41 and 48 using direct or post-synthesis methods