Internet Accounting Dictionaries: Present Solutions and Future Opportunities

  • Sandro Nielsen, Lise Mourier
  • HERMES - Journal of Language and Communication in Business, March 2017, Aarhus University Library
  • DOI: 10.7146/hjlcb.v18i34.25801

Specialised dictionaries targeted to user needs in the Internet Age

What is it about?

An examination of existing accounting dictionaries on the Internet reveals a general need for a new type of dictionary. Therefore, the future accounting dictionaries should be designed as proper Internet dictionaries based on a functional approach so they can be used in communication-oriented and knowledge-oriented situations. The lexicographers need to take a large number of aspects into consideration and this should be done by identifying the need of an international target group and present the data in such a way that the lexicographical information costs are kept at a low level.

Why is it important?

This paper argues that online dictionaries should not be based on traditional principles of making print dictionaries but should be based on functional principles that take user needs and user situations into account by providing different sets of information depending on what users need.


Dr Sandro Nielsen
Aarhus Universitet

The paper discusses and illustrates various ways in which future online dictionaries can cater for the needs of users in ways that are more targeted than the present solutions.

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