The Evaluation of the Outside Matter in Dictionary Reviews

  • Sandro Nielsen
  • October 2011, Stellenbosch University
  • DOI: 10.5788/19-0-436

Dictionaries are more than wordlists.

What is it about?

Dictionaries are not only lists of words, they also contain other relevant texts. This article shows that these texts are seldom evaluated in reviews even though they contain important information and that there is a need to propose some general principles for reviewing outer texts in printed and electronic dictionaries. Dictionaries are not linguistic tools but information tools and this should be evident from published in dictionary reviews.

Why is it important?

Texts in addition to wordlists in written and online dictionaries are there for a purpose and the paper argues that it is important to evaluate whether, and if so, how the various texts interact with a view to improve user experiences.


Dr Sandro Nielsen
Aarhus Universitet

Being aware of outside matter in dictionaries and how such texts can supplement wordlists, lexicographers can provide better and more to the point information to users and reviewers will be able to write reviews that cover the entire work and not merely selected parts - this would improve the quality and usefulness of reviews.

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