The Influence of Tacit Knowledge on the Behaviour of College Students

  • Jana Matošková, Martina Polčáková, Michaela Baňařová, Eliška Sobotková, Martin Jurásek, Terézia Růžičková
  • e-Pedagogium, August 2013, Palacky University Olomouc
  • DOI: 10.5507/epd.2013.048

Tacit knowledge of college students

What is it about?

Tacit knowledge is one of the factors that influence the success of studying at colleges. The aim of the study overview is to clarify the principle of the mentioned phenomenon. Students owning tacit knowledge are often unaware of it, although tacit knowledge influences their actions. Tacit knowledge impacts also on their assumptions, beliefs and feelings. The ability to form tacit knowledge quickly and to develop it is one of the demonstrations of so-called practical intelligence. Students who have tacit knowledge are able to adapt their behaviour to an academic setting and so play a successful role. They also prepare themselves for their position in future work and to achieve their life aims successfully. Moulding of tacit knowledge can be facilitated by the setting created by teachers but the key role in this process belongs to the students themselves.

Why is it important?

Tacit knowledge belongs to factors which influence the success of individuals in their lives. Therefore it is desirable to know more about its formation, moulding, development and identification.

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