Writing Global Trade Governance

Michael Strange
  • August 2013, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.4324/9780203797235

Writing Global Trade Governance: Discourse and the WTO

What is it about?

The book is part of the ‘Interventions’ series edited by Jenny Edkins and Nick Vaughan-Williams, that is all about fresh new perspectives within the study of global politics. It’s an exciting series, and one in which I’m very glad to have published. My book is on the World Trade Organization, something that many see as the most powerful political body in global politics. I wanted to understand how it emerged and how it works, but I wanted to go beyond classical approaches that just focus on eith

Why is it important?

Studying the WTO is interesting, and important, because it tells us a lot about how global politics works. It tells us much about how decisions are made – that affect us, how power functions, and who (or even, what) are the actors shaping that process. This book the book is primarily written for advanced students, as well as individuals with a general or professional interest in how political decisions at the global level take place.

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