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This paper investigate the heat transfer in a cylindrical solid of reactive materials with two step kinetics and radiation heat loss. the essence of two step reaction is to avoid the emission of carbon monoxide in the surrounding because it is known that when a reactive material undergo a combustion reaction with one step it gives carbon monoxide(CO) but the second step will oxidize the CO to CO2 (carbon dioxide) which will guarantee safety and also prevent environmental pollution and cases like global warming. The radiation heat loss is there to promote thermal stability in the systems, because the accumulation of heat in a system due to exothermic reaction often lead to thermal runaway which is known as explosion. the higher the heat loss due to thermal radiation the safer the system and thermal stability can be achieved. The work was able to established a condition for thermal safety by testing the effect of the various thermophysical parameter on the Temperature profile, Nusselt number and Thermal stability criteria of the reactive solid.

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This work is important because several authors investigate heat transfer with one-step reaction but it did not give a detailed explanation of some concepts like ignition, temperature profile, thermal stability criteria, etc. which has been covered in this work.The work can also be used in the design and operation of combustion engines, automobile exhaust pipe, nuclear reactors etc. it is also useful in military equipment storage, biomass and many more applications


Environmental pollution and thermal runaway has been affecting lives in a negative manner, so the perspective of the work is to provide a possible solution to these effect so that human beings can be happy in the environment which the live and also plant growth will not be affected by explosion and global warming as a result of emission of toxic gas such as carbon monoxide

Solomon Tahiru
African University of Science and Technology, Abuja-Nigeria

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This page is a summary of: Analysis of Nonlinear Heat Transfer in a Cylindrical Solid with Two-Step Exothermic Kinetics and Radiative Heat Loss, Defect and Diffusion Forum, September 2017, Trans Tech Publications,
DOI: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/ddf.377.17.
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