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This article presents a detailed review of advances in cold plasma technology in the field of polymer engineering. It covers the history, operational parameters and effects of cold plasma on polymer properties. The review addresses surface modifications such as wettability, adhesion and biocompatibility, and explores plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) methods. It discusses applications in biomedicine, water purification, gas separation and power generation, and examines the potential of cold plasma to improve bioplastics and develop self-healing materials.

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The importance of this article lies in its comprehensive examination of the role of cold plasma technology in the materials science revolution. By showing how cold plasma modifies and synthesizes polymer films, the article highlights its essential contributions to sustainable development and biomedicine. It underlines the potential of this technology in creating innovative solutions for drug delivery, water purification and more. The article also highlights the need for further research to fully exploit the capabilities of cold plasma, pointing to future advances in a variety of sectors.


The perspectives offered in this article envisage a promising future for cold plasma technology in materials science. It calls for targeted research to exploit plasma's control over surface properties, and postulates that such advances could lead to transformative applications. The article suggests that, thanks to its flexibility, specificity, scalability and durability, cold plasma technology is poised to revolutionize fields such as intelligent drug delivery, advanced purification membranes and the development of stronger bioplastics and self-healing materials. Finally, it highlights the transformative potential of plasma technology for the benefit of society.

Dr Thierry Dufour

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This page is a summary of: From Basics to Frontiers: A Comprehensive Review of Plasma-Modified and Plasma-Synthesized Polymer Films, Polymers, August 2023, MDPI AG, DOI: 10.3390/polym15173607.
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