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  1. Foundations to Innovations: An In-Depth Analysis of Polymer Films Modified and Synthesized by Plasma
  2. Overcoming arabidopsis seed dormancy with cold plasma: the role of cytoplasmic glass transition
  3. Transitioning from Repeatability to Autonomous Structuring of Guided Streamers in Cold Plasma Jets
  4. Advancements in Cold Plasma Technology: Pioneering Life Sciences Applications
  5. Adaptive Molecular Responses of Halobacterium salinarum in Hypersaline Brine Inclusions
  6. Plasma-treated PVDF scaffolds for heart tissue engineering: cyto- and bio-compatibility
  7. Exploring Guided Streamer Interactions with Grounded Electrodes
  8. Feasibility and risk of cold plasma endoscopy for cholangiocarcinoma in human-like & porcine models.
  9. Cold plasma treatment of seeds: decoding the impact of contact surfaces
  10. Boosting Seed Growth with Sustainable Plasma Treatment for Faster Germination
  11. Plasma agriculture: deciphering electrical parameters of seeds and plasma in DBD
  12. Exploring Cold Atmospheric Plasma as a Potential Treatment for Aggressive Liver Cancer
  13. Plasma Jets Show Potential for Safe and Effective Cancer Treatment
  14. Mimicking Human Body for Safe Plasma Gun Use in Medical Treatments
  15. Studying Effects of Liquid Types on Self-Organized Patterns in Air Discharges
  16. Boosting Lentil Growth with Plasma-Activated Water and Fertilizer
  17. Burst-mode DBD: towards enhanced CO2 Conversion Efficiency?
  18. How do the barrier thickness and dielectric material influence the filamentary mode and CO2conversion in a flowing DBD?
  19. Reactivity of water vapor in an atmospheric argon flowing post-discharge plasma torch
  20. The influence of power and frequency on the filamentary behavior of a flowing DBD—application to the splitting of CO2
  21. Fuel Cell Electrodes From Organometallic Platinum Precursors: An Easy Atmospheric Plasma Approach
  22. Synthesis and texturization processes of (super)-hydrophobic fluorinated surfaces by atmospheric plasma
  23. Chemical and Physical Effects of the Carrier Gas on the Atmospheric Pressure PECVD of Fluorinated Precursors
  24. CO2–CH4 conversion and syngas formation at atmospheric pressure using a multi-electrode dielectric barrier discharge
  25. LDPE Surface Modifications Induced by Atmospheric Plasma Torches with Linear and Showerhead Configurations
  26. Preparation and characterization of ultra-hydrophobic calcium carbonate nanoparticles
  27. Understanding polyethylene surface functionalization by an atmospheric He/O2plasma through combined experiments and simulations
  28. Effect of Cationic and Anionic Surfactants on the Application of Calcium Carbonate Nanoparticles in Paper Coating
  29. In-depth diffusion of oxygen into LDPE exposed to an Ar-O2 atmospheric post-discharge: a complementary approach between AR-XPS and Tof-SIMS techniques
  30. Low-density polyethylene films treated by an atmospheric Ar–O2 post-discharge: functionalization, etching, degradation and partial recovery of the native wettability state
  31. Ignition and extinction phenomena in helium micro hollow cathode discharges
  32. Competitive and synergistic effects between excimer VUV radiation and O radicals on the etching mechanisms of polyethylene and fluoropolymer surfaces treated by an atmospheric He–O2post-discharge
  33. Influence of ambient air on the flowing afterglow of an atmospheric pressure Ar/O2 radiofrequency plasma
  34. Chemical mechanisms inducing a dc current measured in the flowing post-discharge of an RF He–O2plasma torch
  35. Etching Processes of Polytetrafluoroethylene Surfaces Exposed to He and He–O2Atmospheric Post-discharges
  36. PTFE Surface Etching in the Post-discharge of a Scanning RF Plasma Torch: Evidence of Ejected Fluorinated Species
  37. Synthesis of Membrane-Electrode Assembly for Fuel Cells by Means of (Sub)-Atmospheric Plasma Processes
  38. Gas sensing properties of multiwall carbon nanotubes decorated with rhodium nanoparticles
  39. Integrated micro-plasmas in silicon operating in helium
  40. Experimental study and simulation of a micro-discharge with limited cathode area
  41. RF impedance measurements of DC atmospheric micro-discharges
  42. Decorating carbon nanotubes with metal clusters using atmospheric plasma and colloidal solution
  43. Limiting cathode surface in helium microhollow discharge.