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This paper talks about how obesity is a big problem worldwide. It mentions that some medicines for obesity can have harmful side effects, so researchers are looking at natural products as potential treatments. These natural products can help with things like metabolism, appetite, and fat cells. The paper also discusses some specific proteins and pathways involved in this process. Overall, it suggests that studying natural products might lead to better and safer ways to manage obesity.

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The importance of this paper lies in its exploration of natural products as potential solutions to the global problem of obesity. It highlights that many existing medications for obesity can have serious side effects, and thus, finding safer alternatives is crucial. The paper delves into how these natural products can affect various aspects of metabolism and fat storage, which is vital in the quest to combat obesity. Additionally, it discusses specific proteins and pathways that play a role in this process. Ultimately, the paper suggests that further research in this area could lead to more effective and safer strategies for managing obesity, which is a significant health concern worldwide.


The perspective of this paper is to emphasize the potential of natural products as a promising avenue for addressing the issue of obesity. It takes a positive stance by highlighting the drawbacks of some pharmaceutical treatments for obesity, particularly their adverse effects. The paper advocates for the exploration of natural products, pointing out their ability to influence various metabolic processes and fat regulation. It also discusses specific proteins and pathways, shedding light on the mechanisms behind these effects. The overall perspective is optimistic, suggesting that in-depth research on natural products could lead to more effective and safer approaches to managing obesity.

Dr. Said Moshawih
Universiti Brunei Darussalam

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This page is a summary of: Natural products as novel anti-obesity agents: insights into mechanisms of action and potential for therapeutic management, Frontiers in Pharmacology, June 2023, Frontiers,
DOI: 10.3389/fphar.2023.1182937.
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