Consistency Conditions for Discrete Tomography*

Lajos Hajdu, Rob Tijdeman
  • Fundamenta Informaticae, September 2017, IOS Press
  • DOI: 10.3233/fi-2017-1593

Consistency conditions on the line sums for Discrete Tomography

What is it about?

In Discrete Tomography projections consisting of all the line sums in finitely many directions are given. These line sums are dependent. For example the sum of the line sums in one direction equals the sum of the line sums in another direction. Therefore the line sums should satisfy certain conditions so that a solution is possible. In the paper such conditions on the line sums are provided.

Why is it important?

The paper enables the reader to check whether the measured line sums are consistent. Otherwise it is said that there is noise.


Rob Tijdeman
Matehmatical Institute, Leiden University

Although the paper is probably close to it, it does not provide a set of necessary and sufficient conditions for the line sums to be consistent.

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