1. Article
    Non-neuroimaging can be as good as neuroimaging for the diagnosis and prognosis of AD
  2. Article
    Expression level of non-coding (MiR-155) gene as biomarker for severity of coronaviruses infection
  3. Article
    Analysis of factors affecting ultrasound examination time: A quantitative study
  4. Article
    Management and treatment of musculoskeletal problems in adults with cerebral palsy: Experience gained from two lifespan clinics
  5. Article
    Improving missing Wind Data Imputation with Advanced Hybrid Method
  6. Article
    Theory of Mind in Huntington’s Disease
  7. Article
    Digital technology has the potential to improve fluid balance charting.
  8. Article
    Spirituality For Social Isolation in a Patient with Cognitive Impairment
  9. Article
    Vaccines can prevent dementia
  10. Article
    Digital government problems during the COVID-19 pandemic
  11. Article
    Alzheimer's Disease Risk in Asian American Elders
  12. Article
    A register-based statistical system in New Zealand: Progress and opportunities
  13. Article
    Vaccines and dementia
  14. Article
    Embracing Comfort: Patient Perspectives on Digital vs. Conventional Impressions for Fixed Dentures
  15. Article
    Lung cancer histopathology image classification - Deep Learning CNN Model
  16. Article
    Benefits and areas of collaboration between national statistical offices and academia
  17. Article
    Predicting progression and treatment response of non-small cell lung cancer through biomarkers.
  18. Article
    Association of genetic markers with the development of angioedema on enalapril (IAPP) administration
  19. Article
    Using AI to manage energy in smart homes
  20. Article
    The promise and the challenge of pre-employment transition services
  21. Article
    Seasonal vitamin D and incident dementia
  22. Article
    Retinal ganglion cell and microvascular density loss in hereditary spastic paraplegia
  23. Article
    Swallowing dysfunctions in patients with disorders of consciousness
  24. Article
    Understanding what rare neuromuscular disease patients want from future clinical trials
  25. Article
    When people with advanced dementia suddenly return to themselves and remember: A literature review
  26. Article
    Examining information systems use to facilitate the workplace accommodation process
  27. Article
    Miniature Antennas: Unlocking Underground Communication and Detection
  28. Article
    Enhancing Forex Predictions with Hybrid Machine Learning Techniques
  29. Article
    The role of consultative leadership on administrative development
  30. Article
    Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy (CAA) and Inflammatory Subtypes
  31. Article
    A supplier selection method for prefabricated components
  32. Article
    Association of Body Mass Index with Cognition and AD Biomarkers
  33. Article
    LIKFCM: Linear interpolation-based kernelized FCM imputation method for handling incomplete data
  34. Article
    Optimization of conventional solid-liquid extraction and microwave-assisted extraction of polyphenols and antioxidant compounds of blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum) pomace through response surface methodology
  35. Article
    Safety assessment of existing glass curtain walls
  36. Article
    Occupational health and safety placements undertaken by physiotherapy students
  37. Article
    How to address locations on a football pitch
  38. Article
    A new potential treatment for ischemic stroke
  39. Article
    Analyzing the territorial dimensions of work through a comparative study of waste recovery facilities in France and Brazil
  40. Article
    Effect of virgin coconut oil on cognition of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease
  41. Article
    Anxiety and related factors among primary health workers in Minas Gerais, Brazil
  42. Article
    Social and health care top managers’ perceptions and aims of strategic work ability management
  43. Article
    Measuring employment precariousness in gig jobs: A pilot study among food couriers in Brussels.
  44. Article
    SMEs Strategize Backend & Frontend Integration for improved Horizontal Value Creation
  45. Article
    Rehabilitation and multidisciplinary team care for Parkinson’s disease
  46. Article
    Insights on just culture from seafarers and shipping companies in Indonesia
  47. Article
    The ADA protections for people with substance use disorders
  48. Article
    Impact of Active Breaks on Health and Work Productivity