1. Article
    Using agents for online social data mining
  2. Article
    Improving diagnostic performance of rib fractures for the night shift in radiology department using a computer-aided diagnosis system based on deep learning: A clinical retrospective study
  3. Article
    On automatic problem solving and automatic programming: the $-calculus approach
  4. Article
    A topological approach for improving accuracy in decision-making via bi-ideal approximation
  5. Article
    The basic BiRPN-YOLOvX algorithm for lung nodule detection
  6. Article
    How can university libraries increase their capability to innovate?
  7. Article
    Inflation and web scraped prices
  8. Article
    longer-term mortality in discharged patients with dementia and SARS-CoV-2 infection
  9. Article
    Fall in Ki67 marker in response to preoperative Letrozole therapy in early breast cancer
  10. Article
    How to increase the success of your digital transformation projects in the public sector
  11. Article
    SMEs Strategize Backend & Frontend Integration for Horizontal Value Creation
  12. Article
    IoT Based System for Sewage Overflow Prevention using Heterogeneous Communication Networks
  13. Article
    Real-time Optical Dart Detection and Scoring Algorithm for Steel Tip Dartboards
  14. Article
    Artefact detection in MR images with transfer learning approach
  15. Article
    Our attitudes toward dementia - colloquial language matters
  16. Article
    How people work from home during covid-19 isolation
  17. Article
    Special issue of WORK based on IEA2021 programming
  18. Article
    Recommendations for a post COVID-19 resilient GenZ workforce
  19. Article
    Machine actionable scientific information with the Open Research Knowledge Graph (ORKG)
  20. Article
    Development of a compact neutron source
  21. Article
    “How to use fancy statistics to make a good vocational brain injury measurement tool even better!”
  22. Article
    The effectiveness of high-intensity laser and ultrasound therapies in adhesive capsulitis.
  23. Article
    10 principles guided official statistics through huge change in the 1990s and still guide them now
  24. Article
    Different types of Hobbies in improving Cognitive Health.
  25. Article
    Using nanopublications to increase the interoperability of a project
  26. Article
    influential factors of students' attitudes toward research work
  27. Article
    Neonatal Abdominal Support to Address CPAP Belly
  28. Article
    The relationship between climate change and public insecurity
  29. Article
    Fluid management in preterm infants with patent ductus arteriosus
  30. Article
    Parody Tweet Detection Using Artificial Intelligence Algorithms
  31. Article
    Mining high utility itemsets using Optimization Algorithms
  32. Article
    Time is a thief of memory
  33. Article
    COVID-19 hemodynamic and thrombotic effect on the eye microcirculation after hospitalization
  34. Article
    OCTA of the eye: A review of basic principles, pros and cons, and specifications
  35. Article
    A new prohibition era: Book banning, prison abolition, and librarians
  36. Article
    What to consider when using positive action to increase workforce diversity
  37. Article
    Why doesn’t climate law protect children’s human rights?
  38. Article
    Coopetition as a driver of success for community initiatives in open research
  39. Article
    DeepCreativity: measuring creativity with deep learning techniques
  40. Article
    Plasma fatty acids profile and the metabolic syndrome in a Dutch general population
  41. Article
    A weighted network clustering approach in the NBA
  42. Article
    Research Participant Bill of Rights
  43. Article
    Synuclein deposits in the skin of patients with Parkinson’s disease and multiple system atrophy
  44. Article
    Touchscreen cognitive screening tools for primary care: a systematic review
  45. Article
    hydrodynamic hull form optimization of a single trawler based on parametric modeling
  46. Article
    Relational empathy and holistic care among spinal cord injury individuals.
  47. Article
    Bridging health insurance official statistics
  48. Article
    Transparency and the Future of Semantic Searching in Academic Libraries