Advanced Traveler Information System for Metropolitan Expressways in Shanghai, China

HongCheng Gan, LiJun Sun, JianYang Chen, WenPing Yuan
  • Transportation Research Record Journal of the Transportation Research Board, January 2006, Transportation Research Board
  • DOI: 10.3141/1944-05

What is it about?

A novel advanced traveler information system for urban freeway network control is proposed and real application is presented

Why is it important?

The new types of VMS are Network-Level Guidance Signs, Road Section Signs, and Entrance Condition Signs. The former two types provide traffic information in a graphical form, and the third type provides information about on-ramp condition in a textual style. ATIS composition, VMS functions, VMS information provision method, VMS site placement, real world evaluation, and future research recommendations are presented.


Professor Hongcheng Gan
Univ. Shanghai for Sci. & Tech.

This paper will give useful references and implications for better GRIP design and operations.

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