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Thus, the present review describes the anticancer potential of plant-derived secondary metabolites belonging to alkaloids, flavonoids and terpenoids directed against topoisomerases. Furthermore, in view of the recent advances made in the field of computer-aided drug design, the present review also discusses the use of computational approaches such as ADMET, molecular docking, molecular dynamics simulation and QSAR to assess and predict the safety, efficacy, potency and identification of these potent anti-cancerous therapeutic molecules

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Cancer is the second leading cause of global deaths of millions of people. Some of the bottlenecks in the successful development of anticancer drugs include the absence of cancer specificity, toxicity and the development of multi-drug resistance among cancerous cells. Since ancient times, plant-derived products are being used as therapeutic agents against several diseases. The development of cancer prevention and healthcare products from natural products has a broader prospect, greater economic and social benefits compared with prevalent synthetic anticancerous drugs.


Several such identified and extracted compounds from plant products are in use for the discovery of newer drugs. Approximately half of the anticancer drugs sold in the market are derived from natural plant sources. Such drugs highly target sensitive, possess a strong affinity to cancerous cells, and have fewer side effects. In addition, some such products enhance the active immunity of individuals against cancer. Further research in this field can improve the appropriate use of plant products. The scientific community has to pay attention to natural products to enhance the spectrum of safer, stable and more effective anticancerous drugs. The bioinformatics tools (computer-aided drug design) are going to play a very crucial role in the designing and development of newer therapeutic molecules.

Dr Anurag Yadav
Sardarkrushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University

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This page is a summary of: Natural Products as Anti-Cancerous Therapeutic Molecules Targeted towards Topoisomerases, Current Protein and Peptide Science, December 2020, Bentham Science Publishers,
DOI: 10.2174/1389203721666200918152511.
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