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  1. Halotolerant Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria as Growth Promoter for Mung Bean, Pea and Wheat Crops
  2. Revitalizing Semi-Arid Tropics with Rhizosphere Innovations
  3. Multifaceted Proficiencies of Thermotolerant Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria from the Kutch Desert, Gujarat, India
  4. Exploring the potential of nanofertilizers for a sustainable agriculture
  5. Revolutionizing Agriculture: The Promise of Nanofertilizers
  6. Emerging Frontiers in Nanotechnology for Precision Agriculture: Advancements, Hurdles and Prospects
  7. Growth Analysis of Cumin Plants Treated with Bacterial Consortia
  8. CRISPR-Based Genome Editing for Nutrient Enrichment in Crops: A Promising Approach Toward Global Food Security
  9. Computational methods for SNP discovery in plant breeding
  10. Physicochemical Properties of four Phosphate-solubilizing Bacteria Isolated from the Semi-arid Regions of North Gujarat, India
  11. Lemon Peroxidase RecombinantExpression and Characterization
  12. Microalgal Biofuels: Current Status and Opportunities
  13. Discovery of natural anti-cancerous therapeutic molecules that target topoisomerases
  14. Nanobiotechnology and its Application in Agriculture and Food Production
  15. Protein Misfolding Diseases and Therapeutic Approaches
  16. Genetic Diversity Analysis among Papaya (Carica papaya L.) Varieties using RAPD Markers
  17. Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi-Mediated Mycoremediation of Saline Soil
  18. Nanopesticides: Synthesis, Formulation and Application in Agriculture
  19. Bioenergy Crops: Recent Advances and Future Outlook
  20. Endophytic bacteria help improve crop yields
  21. Agricultural Waste Management for Bioethanol Production
  22. Agricultural Waste Management for Bioethanol Production
  23. Nanoparticles can help plants to wand off phytopathogens.
  24. Exploring the potential of endophytes in agriculture: A minireview
  25. Analysis of Simple Sequence Repeats Information from Floral Expressed Sequence Tags Resources of Papaya (<i>Carica papaya</i> L.)
  26. Variable survival ability of rhizobacteria in cumin (Cuminum cyminum L.) rhizosphere
  27. Pseudomonas fluorescens PSM1 from wheat rhizosphere solubilizes phosphate
  28. Fungal Nanoparticles: An Emerging Tool in Medical Biology
  29. Co-treatment of ectomycorrhizal fungi with mycorrhiza helper bacteria improved oak plants growth
  30. Comparative Analysis of Genetic Diversity among Cultivated Pigeonpea (<i>Cajanus cajan</i> (L) Millsp.) and Its Wild Relatives (<i>C. albicans</i> and <i>C. lineatus</i&gt...
  31. Genetic diversity of pigeon pea cultivars and their wild relatives using RAPD markers