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The natural laws of single-molecule detection in dilute liquids and live cells depends on the Stochastic Nature of Diffusion and was found by Zeno Földes-Papp for the first time. The meaningful time 'Tm' refers to the precision of a measurement in microscopy and nanoscopy (super-resolution microscopy) as wells as in spectroscopy with respect to the time of measuring just one and the same molecule in dilute solutions and live cells without immobilization or significant hydrodynamic flow. The advantages of the physical 'Theory of Single-Molecule Biophysics & Biochemistry Based On Individually Diffusing Molecules in Dilute Liquids and Live Cells' are evident: The 'SINGLE-MOLECULE DEMON' (single-molecule ratchet) in IMAGING/MICROSCOPY/SUPER-RESOLUTION MICROSCOPY (NANOSCOPY) and SPECTROSCOPY of Dilute Liquids and Live Cells that is The 'SINGLE-MOLECULE DEMON' (single-molecule ratchet) in Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy/Nanoscopy (Super-Resolution Microscopy)/Spectroscopy and Single-Molecule Laser Scanning Microscopy or Single-Molecule Image Analysis in liquids or live cells without immobilization on artificial or biological surfaces or without significant hydrodynamic flow • https://www.growkudos.com/publications/10.2174%252F138920111795470949/reader

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The FUNDAMENTAL NATURAL LAWS OF SINGLE-MOLECULE TIME RESOLUTION of freely diffusing molecules: The Single-Molecule Time-Resolution 'Tm' is the counterpart of the space-resolution in optical microscopy imposed by the Wave Nature of Light and first established by Ernst Abbe’s well-known formula in 1873 and later refined by Lord Rayleigh in 1896 to quantitate the measure of separation necessary between two Airy patterns in order to distinguish them as separate entities. Zeno. The thermodynamic Single-Molecule DEMON: How to avoid him in the measurements of dilute liquids and live cells without immobilization or flow:


Z. Foldes-Papp's laws found: It must be made crystal clear that the underlying physics and molecular biochemistry can be modified easily but things hardly get worse when there is any trouble with the STOCHASTIC THERMODYNAMICS which rules the physical and biological formulations. WE PREVAILED AND YET OTHERS DID NOT. The advantages are evident.

Professor Zeno Földes-Papp [Biochemist, Gerontologist (Biochemiker, Geriater)]: Single-Molecule Biophysics & Biochemistry Based On the Stochastic Nature of Diffusion. -- I hope that my humble scientific work will be well received by the communities of single-molecule imaging and spectroscopy and by all users of these technologies as well as biotechnologies in the various and different disciplines:
Head of Geriatric Medicine (Medical Director of the Geriatric Service: Sektionsleitung Geriatrie) at Asklepios Klinikum Lindau (Bodensee), Bavaria, Germany

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This page is a summary of: Measurements of Single Molecules in Solution and Live Cells Over Longer Observation Times Than Those Currently Possible: The Meaningful Time, Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, April 2013, Bentham Science Publishers, DOI: 10.2174/1389201011314040009.
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