Shortened questionnaires to assess anxiety and depression during in-hospital rehabilitation: clinical validation and cutoff scores

  • Giorgio Bertolotti, Loretta Moroni, Roberto Burro, Antonio Spanevello, Roberto FE Pedretti, Giandomenico Giorgetti
  • October 2016, Dove Medical Press
  • DOI: 10.2147/ndt.s111797

Brief anxiety and depression questionnaire: clinical validation and cut-off scores

What is it about?

The study involved 177 patients with pulmonary, cardiac or neurological disease undergoing in-hospital rehabilitation. Receiver operating characteristics curves were used to determine the best concordance between questionnaire’s scores and the gold standards

Why is it important?

Using appropriate cut-off values, the STAI-X3 and QD-R allow psychologists to optimize early clinical intervention strategies selecting patients with significant needs

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