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  1. Overtly prompting people to “think in opposites” supports insight problem solving
  2. Children’s attention in a word learning interactive context with educators and vocabulary growth
  3. The perceived severity of a disease and the impact of the vocabulary used to convey information: using Rasch scaling in a simulated oncological scenario
  4. The effects of presenting oncologic information in terms of opposites in a medical context
  5. Relevance of terrorism for Italian students not directly exposed to it: The affective impact of the 2015 Paris and the 2016 Brussels attacks
  6. Italian version of the Walsh Family Resilience Questionnaire
  7. Surveying prenatal attachment in fathers: the Italian adaptation of the Paternal Antenatal Attachment Scale (PAAS-IT)
  8. The effects of modulating contrast in verbal irony as a cue for giftedness
  9. Brief anxiety and depression questionnaire: clinical validation and cut-off scores