Glutathione-mediated release of Bodipy® from PEG cofunctionalized gold nanoparticles

Dhiraj Kumar, Meenan, Dixon
  • International Journal of Nanomedicine, July 2012, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.2147/ijn.s33726

Release of attached model drug to the surface of gold nanoaprticle in the presence of glutathione

What is it about?

Glutathione is a biomolecule that is naturally present in the systemic circulation, cell plasma, and cell nucleus. We tried to study the release of the attached model drug to the surface of gold nanoparticles in the presence of a physiological concentration of glutathione under in vitro conditions.

Why is it important?

the paper is important as it focuses on the assisted release of attached drug/model drug molecules in the presence of biomolecule already present in cancer cells in higher concentration.


Dr Dhiraj Kumar
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

As the Glutathione molecule is present in cancer cells at higher concentration compared to healthy cells; can be used to break the attached bond between model drug/drug and nanoparticle surface to release from the surface.

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