DNA stabilization by the upregulation of estrogen signaling in BRCA gene mutation carriers

Zsuzsanna Suba
  • Drug Design Development and Therapy, May 2015, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.2147/dddt.s84437

Estrogen treatment is preventive and curative for the breast cancer even in BRCA mutation carriers

What is it about?

Despite currently available concept, BRCA mutation is an imbalanced defect, crudely inhibiting the upregulation of estrogen receptor (ER) expression and liganded transcriptional activity, whereas ER-repressor functions become predominant. Compensatory high estrogen synthesis may upregulate the interplay between ERs and defective BRCA protein and restores the DNA repairing processes. BRCA-mutation carrier women may apparently be healthy or exhibit clinical signs of deficient estrogen signaling in spite of hyperestrogenism.

Why is it important?

In BRCA-mutation carriers, defective estrogen signaling is associated with decreased genome stability and induces tumor development with conspicuous specificity for female organs having cyclic proliferative activity, such as the breast, endometrium and ovary.


professor Zsuzsanna Suba
National Institute of Oncology Budapest

Natural estrogens have numerous benefits in tumor prevention and therapy even in BRCA-mutation carriers. There are no toxic effects even in sky high doses and all physiologic cellular functions are strongly upregulated, whilst malignant tumor cells are recognized and killed in a Janus-faced manner.

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