How to Support Knowledge Management through Human Resource Management Activities

  • Jana Matošková
  • The International Journal of Knowledge Culture and Change Management Annual Review, January 2012, Common Ground Publishing
  • DOI: 10.18848/1447-9524/cgp/v11i03/50113

What is it about?

Investment into Knowledge Capital is necessary for organisational competitiveness. Knowledge Capital, however, does not belong to organisations but instead to their employees. Thus organisations must attract people with the desirable knowledge and skills who are additionally willing to share their knowledge. Furthermore, organisations must keep those who are already employed and try to save and spread their knowledge in case they decide to leave the company (and go work somewhere else or retire). The activities of Human Resource Management can provide support to the following aims: open culture development, supporting a climate of involvement and trust, suitable ways of work, wellprepared recruitment of workers and their stabilisation, suitable motivational and reward management, an emphasis on organisational and individual development, providing opportunities to knowledge sharing, care of work conditions, cooperation with the IT department. Human Resource Management may also help overcome certain problems connected with Knowledge Management implementation (e.g. employees’ aversion to changes).

Why is it important?

The paper should serve to assist in providing an improved understanding of the necessity for a certain integration of Knowledge Management and Human Resource Management in order to improve organisational performance.


Dr. Jana Matošková
Tomas Bata University in Zlín

If organisations attempt to implement the principles and methods of Knowledge Management and ensure its functionality, they must deal with a number of barriers, e.g. employees’ unwillingness to accept a change, unclear definitions of competencies and responsibilities, preconceptions against Knowledge Management, etc. An interesting question is which role Human Resource Management plays in the process of implementation and the support of Knowledge Management functionality.

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