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This work reveals the common epidemiologic characteristics of COVID-19 and oral cancer (OC). The age and gender related differences in OC risk helped to reveal the crucial role of estrogen signal in anticancer processes and genome stabilization in both men and women. This recognition illuminated that when a hormone is capable of preventing and curing cancer, it can cure all human diseases, including respiratory virus infection. Human epidemiology and experimental studies on animals justify that there are no quite different pathways for immune defenses against respiratory virus infection in males and females, but rather the physiologically weaker ER signaling results in an increased morbidity and mortality among men with pulmonary virus infection. In animals with respiratory virus infection, estrogen treatment silences the inflammatory reactions and decreases virus titers leading to improved survival rate. This work underlines another important finding concerning the endocrine disruptor nature of synthetic estrogens and progestogens. Complications of synthetic hormone use yielded the misbelief that even endogenous hormones are toxic and carcinogenic. In the emergency situation of COVID cases, the use of estrogen deriving from natural sources is important.

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Premarin is capable of stopping the COVID-19 pandemic. Estrogen signaling is the master regulator of immune system enabling it to fight against both respiratory virus infection and cancer.


Premarin can exert similar ER upregulative and gene repairing power like endogenous estrogen without any risk for adverse reactions. Premarin treatment has great perspective in the cure of all chronic human diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular illnesses and cancer. Moreover, in the acute emergency state of coronavirus infection, natural estrogen is capable of orchestrating all steps of antiviral fight.

professor Zsuzsanna Suba
National Institute of Oncology Budapest

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This page is a summary of: Prevention and therapy of COVID-19 via exogenous estrogen treatment for both male and female patients, Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, April 2020, University of Alberta Libraries,
DOI: 10.18433/jpps31069.
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