Adding Value by Corporate Real Estate: parameters and applications

Theo Van der Voordt
  • January 2015, Stichting European Real Estate Society
  • DOI: 10.15396/eres2015_158

Adding value by Corporater Real Estate

What is it about?

This paper explores the concept of adding value by corporate and public real estate, various value parameters, and prioritized values in the health care sector. Methods include a literature review, and interviews with CEOs, project leaders, real estate managers and facility managers working in hospitals, old people’s homes and nursing homes. Priorities depend of organisational objectives, conditions such as available budget, and the external context. Productivity, innovation and satisfaction are highly prioritized. Measures to increase productivity include for instance reducing walking distances in hospitals, improving indoor climate, and ergonomic design of buildings and attributes. Although much work has been done in this field, there is still a lack of a widely agreed taxonomy of added values and how to measure. Current international collaboration between researchers and practitioners can help to build common frameworks and to develop standardised measurement methods.

Why is it important?

The insights can be used to raise awareness and to improve current corporate and public real estate management by incorporating adding value parameters and taking into account the needs and interests of different stakeholders. The findings can also be used to raise awareness of the added value of real estate not only to the organisation but also to the society as a whole.

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