Selective depletion of metastatic stem cells as therapy for human colorectal cancer

  • María Virtudes Céspedes, Ugutz Unzueta, Anna Aviñó, Alberto Gallardo, Patricia Álamo, Rita Sala, Alejandro Sánchez‐Chardi, Isolda Casanova, María Antònia Mangues, Antonio Lopez‐Pousa, Ramón Eritja, Antonio Villaverde, Esther Vázquez, Ramón Mangues
  • EMBO Molecular Medicine, September 2018, EMBO
  • DOI: 10.15252/emmm.201708772

Successful evaluation of a nanodrug against metastasis

What is it about?

Cancer metastasis is one of the most deathly consequences of cancer. We describe the preparation and evaluation in a mouse model of a protein nanoparticle carrying several units of an anticancer drug (floxuridine) that is given intravenously. The nanodrug is able to circulate in the blood and find the metastasic cells by binding to an overexpressed receptor (CXCR4) present in Cancer Stem Cells. The efficient removal of the metastasic cells is proven in several mouse models.

Why is it important?

The manuscript defines a potential therapeutic solution for the treatment of metastasis from colon cancer.


Ramon Eritja

It is the best result in my career as it provides a novel approach to treat one of the main health problems. A strong and long coordination of three research groups belonging to the Spanish Health Network (CIBER-BBN)was needed, showing the importance of interdisciplinary networks. Funding from La Marato de TV3 was indeed key to achieve success.

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