AnimalsOwls of the World: A Photographic Guide. By Heimo Mikkola . 2012 . Firefly Books . (ISBN 9781770851368 ). 512 pp. Hardcover. $49.95 .

  • The American Biology Teacher, January 2014, University of California Press
  • DOI: 10.1525/abt.2014.76.1.13

Ultimate work dedicated to the identification of the world owls.

What is it about?

Detailed text and 750 spectacular photographs are describing 268 world living owl species including identification notes, population status, food, accurate range maps, habitat, voice, distribution and similar species. For photographers, birders, researchers and all people who are interested in nature, Owls of the World is the definitive work on this intriguing family of birds.

Why is it important?

Many world owls are forest-adapted birds, and thus feeling the pressures of worldwide deforestation trends. We should recognise the great value of trees and forests in helping us to deal with excess carbon that we are generating. Hopefully this book will help us all to understand more about how owls relate to their environment, and how important it is for us to use that environment wisely.


Heimo Mikkola

The taxonomy of world owls is still in a state of flux, so I would like to caution readers to keep an open mind on the species listed in this book. It is more than likely that new owl species will be separated out of vocal and/or molecular grounds, and similarly some owls now as full species in the book may lose their species status when more is learnt of their distribution, ecology and genetics.

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