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    Precarious Creativity
  2. Article
    Teaching students about scientific inquiry through lessons on ocean acidification
  3. Article
    The psychology behind climate change denial
  4. Article
    Daphne Oram, Cyberneticist?
  5. Article
    Una mirada socialista del siglo XX mexicano
  6. Article
    Baldassare Longhena and the Ospedaletto Church Facade
  7. Article
    The Riddle of the Nablus Collection
  8. Article
    Benefits of a first-year biology skills class on success of first-year students.
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    Ultimate work dedicated to the identification of the world owls.
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    How Evolutionary Biologists Reconstruct History
  11. Article
    Teaching the Big Ideas of Biology with Operon Models
  12. Article
    Scientific Knowledge of the Past is Possible
  13. Article
    How Evolutionary Biologists Reconstruct History
  14. Article
    Scientific Knowledge of the Past Is Possible: Confronting Myths About Evolution & Scientific Methods
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    Middle Eastern Cookbooks in Translation
  16. Article
    Changing attitudes towards bathing and baths in late antique Antioch
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    Mendelssohn's Octet: Cyclic Form and Musical Historicism
  18. Article
    Distinguishing Between Need Support and Regulatory Focus with LIWC
  19. Article
    Universal Health Coverage in Thailand
  20. Article
    Implicit Absolute Pitch Representation Affects Basic Tonal Perception
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    How novels can use their plots to produce "facts"
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    A Vietnamese Moses
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    The Rise of Soft Porn in Malayalam Cinema and the Precarious Stardom of Shakeela
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    Developmental Links Between Speech Perception in Noise, Singing, and Cortical Processing of Music in Children with Cochlear Implants
  25. Article
    Migrating into Financial Markets
  26. Article
    India’s Aam Aadmi (Common Man’s) Party Are the Newcomers Rocking National Politics?
  27. Article
    Why do scholars keep treating Japan as abnormal even if it behaves "normally" in important issues?
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    Die Macht des Exempels: Alexander der Grosse in den Reden des Libanios
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    The Search for antiquarianism in the late Roman Empire
  30. Article
    Holistic impact assessment and cost savings of rainwater harvesting at the watershed scale
  31. Article
    Everyday uses of mineral springs and groundwaters in Mexico.
  32. Article
    Global surface ozone metrics for climate, human health, and vegetation research
  33. Article
    History of Palestinians who produce olive oil in Israel
  34. Article
    Proto-Zionist–Arab Encounters in Late Nineteenth-Century Palestine: Socioregional Dimensions
  35. Article
    Cross-space Consumption among Undocumented Chinese Immigrants in the United States
  36. Article
    The Great U.S. Auto Industry Pollution Control Devices Antitrust Case of 1969
  37. Article
    Why do Korean religious voters support different presidential candidates?
  38. Article
    Urban blight becomes tangible heritage in Detroit
  39. Article
    Contemporary Paganism's Fictional Origins
  40. Article
    Taking the Land without the People: The 1967 Story as Told by the Law
  41. Article
    The book which includes 12 articles focuses on the decade of Young Turk Rule in Palestine.
  42. Article
    Are"personality psychology" and "social psychology" the same?
  43. Article
    A Romanesque Revival and the Early Renaissance in Scotland, c. 1380-1513
  44. Article
    Citizen Outsider: Children of North African Immigrants in France
  45. Article
    How the "Afro-Brazilian" religion Umbanda is Brazilian, not "trans-Atlantic"
  46. Article
    Architectural Collaboration in the Early Renaissance: Reforming the Florentine Badia
  47. Article
    A Review of Music and Emotion Studies: Approaches, Emotion Models, and Stimuli
  48. Article
    Memory and Movement in the Roman Fora from Antiquity to Metro C