1. Article
    SoundCloud Rap and Alien Creativity
  2. Article
    The psychology behind climate change denial
  3. Article
    How to help homeless families in America
  4. Article
    Political reform attempts in Saudi Arabia
  5. Article
    Maps of manifest destiny
  6. Article
    Rethinking the Root Causes of the Tunisian Revolution and Its Implications
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    Female labor participation and pay equity in Arab countries: commonalities and differences
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    Rhetoric and Philosophy in the Gorgias and Timaeus
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    Precarious Creativity
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    Teaching students about scientific inquiry through lessons on ocean acidification
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    Daphne Oram, Cyberneticist?
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    Una mirada socialista del siglo XX mexicano
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    Tracing the Indian Ocean through Performance and Writing Practices of the Cape Muslim Community
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    A series of studies that tried to make people feel hubristic pride, and ultimately failed.
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    An analyses of the debate that has marked Arab political thinking on democracy.
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    Justice, Reconciliation, and State-Building in Post-Gaddafi Libya
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    Partial integration of Syrian ‘escapees’ under the rule of Turkey's Justice and Development Party (JDP)
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    The American withdrawal from Iraq: ways and means for remaining behind*
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    Baldassare Longhena and the Ospedaletto Church Facade
  20. Article
    The Great U.S. Auto Industry Pollution Control Devices Antitrust Case of 1969
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    Middle Eastern Cookbooks in Translation
  22. Article
    A Review of Music and Emotion Studies: Approaches, Emotion Models, and Stimuli
  23. Article
    India’s Aam Aadmi (Common Man’s) Party Are the Newcomers Rocking National Politics?
  24. Article
    Changing attitudes towards bathing and baths in late antique Antioch
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    The Riddle of the Nablus Collection
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    Benefits of a first-year biology skills class on success of first-year students.
  27. Article
    Ultimate work dedicated to the identification of the world owls.
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    Teaching the Big Ideas of Biology with Operon Models
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    How Evolutionary Biologists Reconstruct History
  30. Article
    Scientific Knowledge of the Past is Possible
  31. Article
    How Evolutionary Biologists Reconstruct History
  32. Article
    Scientific Knowledge of the Past Is Possible: Confronting Myths About Evolution & Scientific Methods
  33. Article
    Mendelssohn's Octet: Cyclic Form and Musical Historicism
  34. Article
    Distinguishing Between Need Support and Regulatory Focus with LIWC
  35. Article
    Universal Health Coverage in Thailand
  36. Article
    Implicit Absolute Pitch Representation Affects Basic Tonal Perception
  37. Article
    How novels can use their plots to produce "facts"
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    A Vietnamese Moses
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    The Rise of Soft Porn in Malayalam Cinema and the Precarious Stardom of Shakeela
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    Developmental Links Between Speech Perception in Noise, Singing, and Cortical Processing of Music in Children with Cochlear Implants
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    Migrating into Financial Markets
  42. Article
    Why do scholars keep treating Japan as abnormal even if it behaves "normally" in important issues?
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    Die Macht des Exempels: Alexander der Grosse in den Reden des Libanios
  44. Article
    The Search for antiquarianism in the late Roman Empire
  45. Article
    Holistic impact assessment and cost savings of rainwater harvesting at the watershed scale
  46. Article
    Everyday uses of mineral springs and groundwaters in Mexico.
  47. Article
    Global surface ozone metrics for climate, human health, and vegetation research
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    History of Palestinians who produce olive oil in Israel