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Asphalt mixture is an important part of the road surface, and it directly affects the performance of the road. The aging characteristics of AC-13, AC-16 and SMA-13 SBS-modified asphalt mixtures are analyzed and evaluated by nuclear magnetic resonance technology, and it is found that aging reduced the deformation ability of asphalt mixtures. The self-healing performance of asphalt mixture can be well evaluated by calculating the cumulative dissipated energy. Through the improved flexural creep self-healing test, it is found that the self-healing performance of SMA-13 asphalt mixture is the best, and the addition of fibers can improve the adhesion between asphalt and aggregate.

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We carried out a detailed analysis of the aging and self-healing properties of asphalt mixtures with different grades from a macro and mesoscopic perspective by means of nuclear magnetic resonance technology and an improved flexural creep self-healing test. Our results show that fibers can improve the adhesion of asphalt and aggregates very well. SMA-13 ​​SBS modified asphalt mixture has the strongest anti-aging performance and self-healing ability.


This article studies and analyzes the aging and damage healing properties of asphalt mixtures in detail, hoping to provide some reference value for the design of asphalt pavement.

Maorong Li
Inner Mongolia University of Technology

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This page is a summary of: Multi-scale Evaluation of Aging and Damage-Healing Performance of Asphalt Mixtures of Various Gradations, Journal of Testing and Evaluation, January 2022, ASTM International, DOI: 10.1520/jte20210244.
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