1. Article
    Predicting the degradation behaviour of maraging steel for aerospace applications.
  2. Article
    Optimizing weld seam sizes for better durability of steel bridge deck pavements.
  3. Article
    A laboratory test apparatus for simulating core drilling under high in-situ stress
  4. Article
    FRP Electric Power Transmission tower and Connections Behaviour.
  5. Article
    Wear Resistance of Fe–Cr–C Hardfacing Deposited by Flux-Core-Double-Wire GTAW in Rubber Wheel Abrasion Test
  6. Article
    Coatings for high temperatures: Niobium Silicide Coatings Leading the Way
  7. Article
    Advancing Sustainability and Resilience for Roads: Foamed Bitumen Stabilized Materials for Pavements
  8. Article
    Application effect of combined post-grouting pile in cohesive soil
  9. Article
    Laboratory Testing of Gassy Soils
  10. Article
    Milling and Recycling of Asphalt with Paving Interlayers
  11. Article
    Rate dependent mechanical response of a clay
  12. Article
    Effect of Cementation on the Geomechanical Behavior of Steel Slag Mixtures
  13. Article
    Characterization of Partial Drainage during Medusa Flat Dilatometer Testing
  14. Article
    It is also called: new building based on polymer composites.
  15. Article
    Modified direct shear device for concurrent measurement of cohesion and adhesion in soils
  16. Article
    Development and application of plane strain apparatus
  17. Article
    Accelerated testing of the fatigue properties of materials
  18. Article
    Exploring Fatigue Behavior of Additively Manufactured Ti Alloys: A Systematic Review
  19. Article
    Development of Ti3C2Tx MXene for energy storage devices
  20. Article
    DNA-Shaped Quadcopter Fabricated through Additive Manufacturing
  21. Article
    Anisotropic Response of an Asphalt Concrete Layer under Superheavy Vehicles: Field Measurements
  22. Article
    Triaxial apparatus for soil by CT
  23. Article
    New Technique and Manufactured Device for Determining the Efflorescence of Clay Brick Masonry
  24. Article
    The Application of Soil Bean an Alternative Maintenance Technique for Asphalt Pavements
  25. Article
    Bio-based asphalt emulsion with plant sap
  26. Article
    Mechanical properties of two armor steels were acquired with nanoindentation.
  27. Article
    Battery pack modeling based on electrical and thermal parameters of the battery.
  28. Article
    An Apparatus for Determining Micromechanical Interface Shear Properties of Geomaterial Contacts
  29. Article
    Cracking potential of fly ash high performance concrete with super absorbent polymers at early age
  30. Article
    Recycling Plastic into Roads
  31. Article
    Comparison of Laboratory Soil Compaction Methods
  32. Article
    What type of Blockchain is best for your company?
  33. Article
    Biophalt® by Eiffage: a warm-mix asphalt with recycled materials and a plant-based binder
  34. Article
    A novel apparatus to simulate gas migration in oil and gas wells
  35. Article
    Monitoring and Simulating the Responses of Pavements under Heavy Vehicle Loading
  36. Article
    Thermal Behavior of a Novel Solar Hybrid Road for the Energy Harvesting of the Solar Radiation
  37. Article
    Testing and evaluation of rocks with different fracture lengths
  38. Article
    Low-cost polymer alternate for flexible and stretchable devices
  39. Article
    A new evaluation method of Fiber Reinforced Concrete
  40. Article
    UHPC in Structural Design
  41. Article
    Producing Uniform Nanofibers
  42. Article
    Seam Performance of Single Jersey Fabrics
  43. Article
    On the way to smarter automation in manufacturing
  44. Article
    Using new engineering technologies to enhance supply chain management
  45. Article
    An In Situ Design / Analysis for Disinfecting COVID affected Places using TiO2
  46. Article
    Digital twins: taking smart machining processes to the next level
  47. Article
    Comparative Study on the Oxidative Stability of various ceramic matrix composites
  48. Article
    A cloud-based IoT framework that extends the life of cutting tools