ASTM Showcase

  1. Article
    A novel apparatus to simulate gas migration in oil and gas wells
  2. Article
    Monitoring and Simulating the Responses of Pavements under Heavy Vehicle Loading
  3. Article
    Thermal Behavior of a Novel Solar Hybrid Road for the Energy Harvesting of the Solar Radiation
  4. Article
    Testing and evaluation of rocks with different fracture lengths
  5. Article
    Low-cost polymer alternate for flexible and stretchable devices
  6. Article
    A new evaluation method of Fiber Reinforced Concrete
  7. Article
    UHPC in Structural Design
  8. Article
    Producing Uniform Nanofibers
  9. Article
    Seam Performance of Single Jersey Fabrics
  10. Article
    On the way to smarter automation in manufacturing
  11. Article
    Using new engineering technologies to enhance supply chain management
  12. Article
    What type of Blockchain is best for your company?
  13. Article
    An In Situ Design / Analysis for Disinfecting COVID affected Places using TiO2
  14. Article
    Digital twins: taking smart machining processes to the next level
  15. Article
    Comparative Study on the Oxidative Stability of various ceramic matrix composites
  16. Article
    A cloud-based IoT framework that extends the life of cutting tools
  17. Article
    Securing sensitive manufacturing data with data mining-based differential privacy
  18. Article
    A collaborative approach allows smaller enterprises to access smart industrial technology
  19. Article
    Analyzing 3D printing in real time with artificial intelligence
  20. Article
    New, easy to understand framework for monitoring and analysis in production processes
  21. Article
    Exploring fly ash concrete mixtures using neural networks
  22. Article
    Small Punch Test Setup for In-Cell Testing of Irradiated Materials
  23. Article
    Forchheimer and Darcy flow in a transparent water-based soil surrogate
  24. Article
    Corrosion Performance of Steel Rebar in Concrete
  25. Article
    Aging and damage healing performance of asphalt mixtures of various gradations
  26. Article
    Data-Driven Production Logistics – An Industrial Case Study on Potential and Challenges
  27. Article
    Mountain-Expressway Slope Safety Based on the Online Monitoring System and Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation
  28. Article
    Corrosion-fatigue of welded aluminum alloy.
  29. Article
    Progressive Damage Evolution in Rocks Subjected to Post-peak Cyclic Loading History
  30. Article
    Suggested Method of Specimen Preparation for Triaxial Tests on Partially Saturated Sand
  31. Article
    Strength and Durability Characteristics of Soil Modified with Inorganic Oxide-Based Stabilizer
  32. Article
    Out-of-Plane Structural Performance of Compressed Earth Block Walls Subject to Quasistatic Loading
  33. Article
    Portal frame-shaped slope-stabilizing piles
  34. Article
    Microstructure changes in carburized steel under axial loading
  35. Article
    Thermal Conductivity of Viscoelastic Materials
  36. Article
    Filter paper test, a simple method for total and matric suction measurements, or is it?
  37. Article
    Zinc oxide, nanotechnology, concrete blocks, photocatalytic pavement, mechanical performance.
  38. Article
    Ceramic Matrix Composite Fasteners for high temperature applications
  39. Article
    Stress-strain measurement by indentation with a spherical tip
  40. Article
    Adapting a GPR to detect crack in clayey soils subjected to desiccation process
  41. Article
    Improving the wear resistance of parts and tools
  42. Article
    The tribological performance of steel-embedded glass-epoxy hybrid composites.
  43. Article
    A new methodology of disintegration behaviors of soft rocks
  44. Article
    Different aggregate-bitumen bond strength parameters against moisture damage
  45. Article
    Fiber Reinforced Concrete Interfaces
  46. Article
    Application of non-destructive techniques to assess architectural products and systems
  47. Article
    The effects of Polypropylene fibers and CFRPs on the impact behavior
  48. Article
    Producing Biodiesel using specific catalyst