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We searched techniques for measuring the body size of infants, such as body length and head circumference and cranial volume of the head. We focussed on touchless techniques, so measuring without touching the infant, e.g. with 3D cameras. We tried to find 3D camera techniques that could measure extremely premature born infants from outside the incubator, without opening the incubator's doors.

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This review is part of our research into developing a novel technique with 3D cameras, to measure body length, head circumference and head (cranial) volume of preterm infants lying in incubators, a technique that causes minimal disturbance to the infant.


Our review reveals no suitable 3D technique that can measure the body size of extreme preterm infants, lying in incubators, without opening the incubator's doors.

ir. Ronald van Gils
Hogeschool Rotterdam

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This page is a summary of: Body size measuring techniques enabling stress-free growth monitoring of extreme preterm infants inside incubators: A systematic review, PLoS ONE, April 2022, PLOS,
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0267285.
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