Ten Simple Rules of Live Tweeting at Scientific Conferences

  • Sean Ekins, Ethan O. Perlstein
  • PLoS Computational Biology, August 2014, Public Library of Science (PLoS)
  • DOI: 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1003789

Live Tweeting at Science conferences

What is it about?

This editorial lays out 10 guidelines for live tweeting at science conferences. All of the rules are pretty much of tweetable length. Its a starting point for expansion and raises awareness of importance of live tweeting for science communication.

Why is it important?

While there have been blogs about live tweeting, blogging etc., we felt it was timely to encourage scientists to live tweet from science conferences so that we can share what is going on with those not at the meeting. In addition this represents science communication, and a means to reach patients and not scientists. Something as simple as a tweet could share ideas, foster collaboration and encourage others.


Dr Sean Ekins
Collaborations in Chemistry

This editorial was an idea we had walking out of a conference in San Diego..literally had the idea walking down street to eat dinner! Drafted rules over the next few days in early 2014.. It took far longer to see it published!

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