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Media are source of information that help people to make their mind and take decision on certain things. Media contents also affect people's health seeking behaviour. This is widely accepted notion. So, we tested this notion by examining relationship between using media and seeking maternal health services among women in Nepal. We used data of Nepal Health and Demographic Survey 2022. We statistically analysed the data to find if women's exposure of media such as listening radio, watching television, reading newspaper, watching or listening health program on radio and TV and using internet has any relation with the practice of taking maternal health service such as Antenatal care, Postnatal care and Institutional delivery. We found that women who use the internet or watch health programs on radio or TV are more likely to have four or more check-ups during pregnancy known as antenatal care. Also, women exposed to mass media and health programs are more likely to give birth in health facility which is called institutional delivery. However, we did not find link between using the internet, watching health programs, or exposure to mass media to increased care after childbirth for both the mother and the newborn known as postnatal care .

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Why is it important?

Our study is important because it gives helpful information to people who make decisions about health programs and policies.Our findings are scientifically drawn, so its conclusion can be considered while formulating polices, designing programs and planning communication campaign. As media access is rapidly growing worldwide, we need to pay attention to how to strategize messages to increase health service use.


In my opinion more studies are needed to generate evidence on relationship between media and health seeking behaviour. Rapid expansion of internet-based media and people's access to these media has provided opportunity for improving people's health. However, a closer look is crucial to explore how media messages are consumed and the messages affect people's choice on health and service seeking behaviour. This will help to maximize the impact of mass media use for better health outcome.

Shreeman Sharma

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This page is a summary of: Association between media exposure and maternal health service use in Nepal: A further analysis of Nepal Demographic and Health Survey-2022, PLoS ONE, March 2024, PLOS,
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0297418.
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