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This manuscript presents a new electronic white blood cell tracker that is handheld and portable and can enable near-patient in both the clinical setting and also outside of the clinic. The device was clinically validated in a study at Baylor College of Medicine and Rutgers medical school on several hundred patients in a head-to-head comparison against a gold standard hematology analyzer.

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Why is it important?

Similar to how the glucometer transformed care for diabetic patients, the device presented can transform care for infectious disease, oncology, and psychiatry patients.


Normally, doing a blood count requires a phlebotomist taking a needle stick and collecting significant amounts of venous blood and sending the samples off to labs where they are tested, sometimes taking hours or even days. This novel handheld device enables near-patient testing, while only requiring a tiny amount of blood and returning results within minutes, allowing clinicians to make decisions almost immediately.

Mehdi Javanmard

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This page is a summary of: Clinical evaluation of a fully electronic microfluidic white blood cell analyzer, PLoS ONE, January 2024, PLOS,
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0296344.
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