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Intensive care units are directly associated with the competency level of nurses and are units where ethical problems are frequently experienced. Ethical attitude in nursing care is the internalization of professional, ethical principles and values and reflecting them in the behavior and care delivered to the patient.Nursing competence is the ability to effectively reflect a range of characteristics, such as the attitude, knowledge, and skills of a nurse, into care to fulfill their professional responsibilities, and it is a crucial attribute for assuring high-quality, ethical, and safe nursing care. The concept of "holistic competence" in nursing includes all nursing skills, as well as the nursing process, ethically oriented care, cooperation with team members, leadership, experience, intuition, critical thinking, knowledge level, education, and their professional roles and responsibilities. This research aims to determine the relationship between intensive care nurses' ethical attitudes and holistic competence levels.

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This research aims to determine the relationship between the holistic competence levels and ethical attitudes of intensive care nurses. Nurses are responsible for making the best decisions for patients, and being a nurse requires assuming ethical responsibility in intensive care units. The problems experienced may have a negative impact on the holistic competence levels of nurses by affecting the patient care behaviors of nurses in the ICU. Holistic nurses should be experts in embodying nursing’s ethical tenets with a focus on respect for human dignity, human rights, and cultural diversity. When the literature on the subject is reviewed, it is noticed that there are limited studies investigating the spiritual care competencies, basic competencies, holistic care perceptions, and ethical attitudes of intensive care nurses. Yet, no study was found in which ethical attitudes and holistic competencies of nurses were analyzed together and the relationship between them was investigated. Holistic competence in care is comprehensive care that emphasizes the interaction of human existential dimensions and has a significant role in accelerating the recovery process in critical care unit. Since nurses interact with intensive care patients more than other healthcare professionals, provide longer-term care, and face more ethical problems, the competence and ethical attitudes of nurses gain more significance


Writing this article was a great pleasure as it has co-authors with whom I have had long standing collaborations. I hope this article contribute to the positive development of the ethical attitudes of intensive care nurses and the holistic competencies of nurses.

Nihal Taşkıran
Adnan Menderes Universitesi

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This page is a summary of: The relationship between the ethical attitudes and holistic competence levels of intensive care nurses: A cross-sectional study, PLoS ONE, July 2023, PLOS, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0287648.
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