What is it about?

The prevalence of diverse social media platforms has facilitated an abundance of online interactions, raising concerns about their potential to instigate unforeseen and undesired events. Can we exert influence over this scenario? This research aims to delve into methods for predicting and preempting crises resulting from these interactions.

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Why is it important?

Instances such as riots stand as vivid examples of how the failure to monitor social media can lead to crises. Hence, there is a critical need to comprehend the trajectory of negative sentiments within social media, as this understanding is pivotal in predicting and controlling crises, mitigating adverse sentiments to avert unwarranted events.


I aspire for this article to captivate more scholars, encouraging a broader exploration of predicting crises and devising comprehensive crisis management strategies. With the indispensability of social media today, regulatory bodies should be equipped with the necessary guidelines to effectively manage and regulate social platforms, thus mitigating the likelihood of crises.

Nurul Hidayah Watimin
Media Studies & Communications, Universiti Malaya

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This page is a summary of: Content framing role on public sentiment formation for pre-crisis detection on sensitive issue via sentiment analysis and content analysis, PLoS ONE, October 2023, PLOS,
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0287367.
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