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This study evaluated the use of ultrasonic debridement (Misonix - SonicOne OR) in patients with DFUs. The device demonstrates advantages in the reduction of debridement times, and efficacy in safely preserving the viable tissue, with a low complication rate in surgery of DFUs

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The use of the ultrasonic debridement system makes a new contribution to the preparation of the wound bed, the first essential step in the healing process in DFU surgery. The device shows advantages in reducing debridement times, is effective and safe in preserving the vital tissue, with a low complication rate. The results of this study indicated a low bleeding, a decrease in postoperative wound infection levels and a better reconstructive outcome with a high rate of healing.


Distal strategies for revascularization, overloading and infection control may not be sufficient in a treatment program programmed to treat DFUs. Accurate preparation of the wound bed affects the positive outcome of regenerative reconstructive surgery. Selective debris is essential to preserve the biomechanics of the foot in these patients who are often also in their working age, with a lower impact on employment. The reduced times of surgical debridement, in light of the financial burden of the clinical treatment times, can be advantageous and supports the best allocation of resources. The cost of disposable handpieces can be amortized if a device shortens hospitalization time, reduces postoperative complications and therefore reduces outpatient care. The trend in surgery and, more generally, in modern medicine is to encourage less invasive surgical methods reduce postoperative recovery times and bring patients back to an active life.

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This page is a summary of: An evaluation of an ultrasonic debridement system in patients with diabetic foot ulcers: a case series, Journal of Wound Care, April 2018, Mark Allen Group,
DOI: 10.12968/jowc.2018.27.4.222.
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