MA Healthcare Showcase

  1. Article
    Working towards a greener future in veterinary anaesthesia
  2. Article
    An app for bowel prep
  3. Article
    School-based sex education among adolescents worldwide: Interventions for the prevention of STIs and unintended pregnancies
  4. Article
    Comparing nutrition education of midwives in Brazil to midwives in the UK
  5. Article
    An audit of renal ultrasounds for new referrals to the nephrology outpatients service.
  6. Article
    Taking Early Years Music Making Activities Outside
  7. Article
    Understanding more about how hospital nurses care for patients needing end of life care
  8. Article
    Endoscope preparations before Endoscopy
  9. Article
    Autism e-learning education for hospital staff
  10. Article
    The COVID-19 hangover: why we need to take harm caused by alcohol seriously as an indirect effect of the pandemic
  11. Article
    COVID-19: Lived experiences of Canadian paramedics
  12. Article
    A practical guide to accessing medicines information in the BNF and BNF for Children app
  13. Article
    Minimising complications and improving the success of peripheral regional blockade
  14. Article
    Wound healing effects of Dorema ammoniacum gum
  15. Article
    Introducing the C-CHIME model
  16. Article
    Efficient ways of working for aesthetics clinics
  17. Article
    Working with the Homeless Community
  18. Article
    Identifying effective paramedic leadership skills
  19. Article
    Co-producing nurse education with academics, students, service users and carers: lessons from the pandemic
  20. Article
    Foot ulceration, offloading the foot in clinical practice
  21. Article
    Maggot Therapy in Iran is Saving Lives and Limbs
  22. Article
    Health-related quality of life and assessment in patients with lower limb lymphoedema (LLL)
  23. Article
    Implementing CLiP in a London Maternity Ward
  24. Article
    Obstructive sleep apnoea and perioperative medicine: a growing concern
  25. Article
    Support for adult survivors of lymphoma: a literature review
  26. Article
    Nursing Bulldog Breeds
  27. Article
    A paramedic's experiences as a cancer patient, what can be learnt.
  28. Article
    Lack of policy consideration for breastfeeding co-mothers in maternity services
  29. Article
    A midwifery team's journey implementing and sustaining continuity of care
  30. Article
    The influence of TikTok on dermatology, aesthetics and skincare.
  31. Article
    Have ambulance crews been exposed to people in cardiac arrest showing signs of being alive.
  32. Article
    Supporting good deaths in intensive care units
  33. Article
    Role of the teenage and young adult stem cell transplant clinical nurse specialist
  34. Article
    The outcome of an audit on the use of MRI scanning to determine patient's risk of prostate cancer
  35. Article
    Plastic aprons as PPE for SARS-CoV-2.
  36. Article
    Positive psychology pioneers: Ed Diener’s power and potential to influence mental health nursing
  37. Article
    An overview of rabbit diseases and their current vaccination protocols
  38. Article
    Creating a safe space on placement for healthcare students to discuss spiritual care
  39. Article
    Endotracheal intubation of small exotic mammals
  40. Article
    Virtual reality: the next step in nursing education?
  41. Article
    Student nurses need to have placements in primary care
  42. Article
    Sensory stimulation for pain management in labor
  43. Article
    The role of CHVs in educating and helping antenatal mothers get ready for delivery
  44. Article
    Contributing factors to unresolved preterm birth rate in Limpopo Province
  45. Article
    How to communicate with people with dementia.
  46. Article
    Review article on knee joint dislocation focusing on associated limb arterial and nerve injury.
  47. Article
    Mask wearing in the Veterinary Practice
  48. Article
    Supporting bereaved grandparents