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Getting the Right Care: This study looks at why some Indonesian moms don't use available health services for moms and babies. Even though these services are there to help, many moms aren't using them. We wanted to understand why. We looked at lots of factors like age, money, education, and where they live. We found that some things, like age and how much money a family has, affect whether moms use these services. This research helps us see what can help more moms get the care they need to stay healthy and have healthy babies.

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Unlocking Better Maternal Care: This study shines a light on an important but often overlooked issue in maternal health in Indonesia. At a time when improving maternal and child health is a global priority, this research provides insights into why some mothers aren't accessing the care they need. By analyzing a range of factors, from family wealth to education, this study offers a comprehensive understanding of the barriers that prevent mothers from using available health services. Its uniqueness lies in its potential to inform policies that can lead to more accessible and effective maternal healthcare services. As we strive for better health outcomes for mothers and babies, this research provides valuable insights for policymakers, healthcare providers, and organizations aiming to make a positive impact on maternal care.


I realize how important it is for moms in Indonesia to get the right healthcare. Sometimes, they don't use the healthcare services that are available. This study helps us understand why this happens. It looks at things like age, money, and where moms live. The study shows that some things, like how much money a family has, can stop moms from getting the help they need. This research can help people who make rules for healthcare understand what can be done to make it easier for moms to get the care they need.

Mr Ferry Efendi
Universitas Airlangga

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This page is a summary of: Determinants of maternal healthcare service utilisation among Indonesian mothers: A population-based study, F1000Research, November 2021, Faculty of 1000, Ltd., DOI: 10.12688/f1000research.73847.1.
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