Going to Ground: Argument in Israeli-Jewish and Palestinian Encounter Groups

Ifat Maoz, Donald G. Ellis
  • Research on Language and Social Interaction, October 2001, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1207/s15327973rlsi3404_01

Going to ground: Argument between Israelis and Palestinians

What is it about?

That paper deals with the unique qualities of argument between Israeli and Palestinians. Ultimately the two sides must argue to hammer out details of conflict resolution. They will primarily engage in argument and it behooves the researcher and facilitator to understand the unique qualities and patterns of this argument.

Why is it important?

The analysis provides insight into help the two sides can communicate better through the use of argument.


Donald Ellis

Groups in difficult conflicts must eventually communicate. This paper deals with the significant impediment to communication and have to overcome it.

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